My First Game in Warzone 2! (Call of Duty Warzone 2 Gameplay)

My First Game in Warzone 2! (Call of Duty Warzone 2 Gameplay)

My First Game in Warzone 2! Call of Duty Warzone 2 Gameplay LIVE with FaZe Swagg!

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53 Responses

  1. Swagg says:

    MY FIRST GAME OF WARZONE 2!!! What do you think so far?

  2. David Miller says:

    Looks like it has potential, it’s clearly an Alpha, no doubt about it. Clunky and glitchy but with the feedback from this event, it certainly has potential

  3. MZ says:

    Game looks cool and I believe with all the influencers/content creators there you will give great feedback to the developers on any needed changes. Unlike feedback from comments which is mostly bitching not knowing what they want lol

  4. uMadBro says:

    The most observable aesthetic in the game is its realistic gameplay. I know from now that a lot of people are gonna throw hate cuz the new movement places a big restriction on being sweaty and ya’ll just wanna be try hards. This game actually looks promising since the focus here is more on realism and we can actually enjoy it.

  5. Blown says:

    I like how the spectating looks like it’s coming from a helmet cam. I think though you should be able to toggle from helmet cam to first person for those who want it

    • C W says:

      I think it’s sick. Realistic and looks dope

    • Simpai x Hempai says:

      @Jeandre Booth or just not release a buggy ass 3rd person camera angle. Also you mean to tell me the helmet is red inside idk wtf I’m supposed to be looking at plus all the animation during that camera angle looks wonky. Maybe I’m tripping but it looked like a mangled body

    • Jeandre Booth says:

      Yes exactly what I was thinking, let 1st person be default with an option to switch to 3rd person

    • Simpai x Hempai says:

      @Sinan I was watching Tim and instead of of the helmet it had like half a body on that side looked really weird definitely bugged out.

    • Sinan says:

      @Simpai x Hempai it’s not a glitch that’s a helmet cam

  6. Justin Cha says:

    Everyone who got invited better be doing their jobs by giving constructive feedbacks to improve warzone 2. At first glance it offsetting with all the changes. IW needs to listen to all feedbacks regardless if it positive or negative. IW don’t be hiding from criticisms.

  7. Creeshus says:

    For first look it doesn’t look half bad, they defo got a little ways to go tho

  8. JakTheDon says:

    Basically , perks will not be in Warzone 2.0 at launch so they’re doing loadouts a little differently. Go to the gunsmith and customize your guns like normal. You then go to the Buy Station and purchase that weapon. So if you want to run “overkill” you essentially have to buy both weapons from the shop. Now my theory As far as the “weapons upgrade” section is that maybe it gives you weapons perks (faster reload etc) or attachments you dont have unlocked yet and you can buy them in the shop for that game.

  9. ElementProject says:

    looks promising however I feel like its slowed down a lot with looting, not sure how I feel about that. the new circle system will deffo have its cons to it

    • Eduardo Haro Productions says:

      @Jail just get better then

    • Scylent Deth says:

      Just remember if it’s slower for you it’s slower for everyone. The sweat lord movement kings won’t love it but they’ll adapt.

    • Luka Potnar says:

      @Jessica Laxton So I did see it right? You can actually pick up attachments from the ground?

    • Geloooツ says:

      @Shane wicklund I mean ig you can consider it a glitch then but it’s a glitch that’s literally un fixable,I was slide canceling a whole different way the “known” way was,I slid then aimed then pressed the jumped button,ina quick motion it was very smooth,how can you patch that or consider that a glitch tho? Those are base mechanics in the game

    • Shane wicklund says:

      @Geloooツ the developers said it was a glitch and never intended it to be in the game

  10. SNIPEonSIGHT says:

    Last stand and perk system has me extremely worried. Warzone 2.0 has potential but the looting and number of AI-bots are too much imo. Hope it’s tweaked fast. Good things take time but still gone give it a try

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