My First Time in the Gym! (trying to better myself)

My First Time in the Gym! (trying to better myself)

Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up.


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27 Responses

  1. @BaylenLevine says:

    All pain will eventually pass… learn to let the bad times build you up and you will be unstoppable. I love you guys, when you are lost follow me and I promise to lead you down the correct path. Thank you for being there for me, Merry Christmas everyone💚

  2. @iangold2987 says:

    THIS GUY RIGHT HERE is how all social media influencers should be. Baylen, thank you for being such a genuine, real, overall awesome person for posting videos like this. it takes some real guts to post videos like this along with the other content you post. thank you Baylen for continuing to be a role model for so many and being there for all of us❤️

  3. @ghostly_333 says:

    Hey Baylen, I’ve been dealing with depression for a couple of years now, but your videos make my day a whole lot better. I also love how you turn something bad into something positive. I have also started working out, and it’s helped a lot.

  4. @clunderfpx6647 says:

    Watching Baylen open up and come forward about his feelings is really showing that he is mature and isn’t always this “goofy guy” we watch for 20 minutes every week to make us laugh. He is a person too.

  5. @AustinTries7 says:

    Love this Baylen. You can see this is a new era in your life. The gym is just like YouTube you started at nothing and you get to see where you get to. Enjoy the journey. I know when you put your mind to something you’ll conquer it. You’ve proven it with this channel. We love you.

  6. @wholewheat2283 says:

    I love having these videos where baylen has these serious talks whether it’s sad, happy or encouraging they always have a positive perspective on the situation❤️

  7. @MK_Music18 says:

    Proud of you Baylen. Never be ashamed to express how you feel. You give us a voice when we struggle to speak. You are the most real and genuine soul on the internet. You’re a good soul. Love u so much bro. Hope your ok. We are here. Keep that head of yours busy. It’s gonna be ok💙

  8. @gagejorden8634 says:

    baylen pain comes and goes, I’ve gone through it myself but sometimes its for the best. All of your fans are here for you, and I’m here for you too. We love you, and I hope you overcome this challenge in life and keep working in the gym and getting more progress, I’m really proud of you. I love you.

  9. @melwasf0und says:

    as someone who started going to the gym to better myself and get my mind off of a very difficult breakup, not only did i find it helps a lot mentally, physically, but also just makes me feel better in every way shape and form. i hope you find this as well Baylen 💙

  10. @SenseiWu516 says:

    Love how you’re not afraid to be open about your feelings with us Baylen. You got this and we all love you, always remember that

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