My First Week of Chemotherapy (breast cancer)

My First Week of Chemotherapy (breast cancer)

On December 21, 2021, I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. My treatment plan begins with 8 rounds of chemo. This is my first week of treatment. To get a 1 year supply of Vitamin D + 5 individual travel packs FREE with your first purchase, go to

After receiving my diagnosis, my team of doctors devised a treatment plan that will give me the best chances of beating breast cancer at 31 years old. It all begins with 8 rounds of chemotherapy. I will receive bi-weekly infusions which (if all goes according to plan) will bring us into May of 2022. Our hope is that the chemotherapy will attack all of the cancer cells that remain in my right breast and kill any little cancerous cells that may have metastasized throughout my body. Unfortunately, there is no real way to detect how well my body is responding to the treatment as I go through it but I will continue to meditate and focus my energy on healing.

I want to take a second to thank you all again for being on this journey with us. We can genuinely feel the love we are receiving worldwide and know that it is a crucial part of our healing. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers 🥰⚡️☀️ 💛

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1:04 Meeting with Oncologist
2:13 Meeting with Genetics Department
4:16 Meeting with Plastic Surgeon
5:30 Overview of Chemotherapy Treatment Plan
7:01 Tuesday Blood Work and Check-In
9:27 Night Before Chemo 1
13:06 First Day of Chemotherapy
17:32 Day 1 Post Chemo
18:47 Needle Time 💉 (boost immunity)
20:14 Day 4 Post Chemo
22:34 I Can’t do THIS for 5 months
24:59 The MOST delicious breakfast 😋
26:58 Day 6 Are these symptoms normal?
29:00 Day 8 Post Treatment
30:39 My anxiety with moving forward

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25 Responses

  1. Eamon & Bec says:

    Please know that we feel and appreciate your love, heart felt messages and prayers. We can feel this community rallying behind us and it is so unbelievably special ✨

  2. Sailing La Vagabonde says:

    We haven’t stopped thinking about you guys.. not for a single day. Like an annoying mother who wants to check in with their kids 24/7 but resists the urge haha. Love you both ❤️🌻 so proud of you guys.

  3. Kate’s Krystal’s says:

    I was diagnosed with cancer age 22 and I’m now 13 years all clear. I see the strength and determination in you Bec. You’ve got this 💪🏻

  4. Antra K says:

    Round 3 of chemo for triple positive BC for me this week. Working on that patience and acceptance (it’s TOUGH!). You will get through this Bec, and you are making such a huge difference in sharing your story to educate (and save!) other women. Wishing you comfort and strength for the rest of your treatment

  5. Perezfecto says:

    It’s always amazing to see what human spirit is. I’m watching the story of a couple I barely know, from a country I’ve never been to, and yet I’m joining an army of followers with hundred of messages of support and good wishes. This is literally larger than life. You guys are NOT alone in this journey, and I’m hoping the best from Chile, South America.

  6. Tamara May says:

    I’m balling my eyes out watching you go through this!! You have such courage to post your journey online. I’m sorry Eamon can’t go into the hospital with you.

    My mom passed away from breast cancer 25 years ago so this hit home for me! Stay strong Bec 💕

  7. MsNikk5 says:

    I’m so grateful you’re strong enough to share this with the world. Thank you for allowing us to laugh with you, cheer with you, and cry with you. You’re so strong and so brave. I am so proud of you. Sending you the most healing and positive vibes Bec and Eamon ❤️ you’re both sunshine in human form. I am filled with gratitude for you.

  8. Always with my pack says:

    So proud of you guys and I am obsessed with Osos’ loving, healing energy. I started to tear up when he was laying on you, Bec, and giving you all the doggy love. They’re so intuitive and healing and I really am so glad you have both Eamon and Osos there to support you and love you. My thoughts and prayers are with you guys 💜✨

  9. Radu Pana says:

    You are such a blessing to this world!
    I can’t imagine anyone watching this and not feeling so inspired by you guys!
    Keep it up,everything is going to be alright!

  10. Team Brave New World says:

    You can do this. I’ve been living productively with active cancer for five years and still going strong. Reach out if you need any ideas. Prayers to you guys!

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