my followers turned against me

my followers turned against me

edited by Jake Mayer

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  1. Amrita Guha says:

    Danny showing a picture of kurtis and calling him an “old hag” is making me laugh way harder than it’s supposed to

  2. ellie owns a cat says:

    This man is holding the nutcracker hostage and I do not trust him.

  3. Nidhi Tiwari says:

    as a member of the sleep paralysis community, i agree, danny is officially our sleep paralysis demon.

  4. Shade says:

    This Danny ARG is next level. Been sleeping 22 hours a day trying to find clues. Nothing so far, but I’m determined to find that cat!

  5. Harley Harris says:

    I like that all us Greg’s are okay with calling him a Nutcracker when he’s a Toy Soldier.

  6. OwO says:

    Don’t worry Danny, your fans are actually trying to turn against Drew, but you look just like him.

  7. Adalexen The Time Traveling Unicorn says:

    I’ve never had sleep paralysis before, but the idea of it has always been horrifying to me, but if I woke up and couldnt be my body, looked around and saw Danny just chilling in a corner, half hiding, and just waved and said hi when I found him, I’d be pretty tickled lol

  8. Dynamic Duck says:

    I can’t believe Danny tried to get rid of the shelf without any mention, this is truly the most shocking political scandal since watergate.

  9. _OliviaDatCat_ says:

    Love how Danny openly shares how he wants to be our sleep paralysis demon

  10. Chocomint Queen says:

    7:00 the fact that he took the time to move the hand to hold himself safely, danny truly cares about believability

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