My “Friday in Orem”

My “Friday in Orem”

Facebook auto-made a chipper slideshow of my near-fatal car accident. I was in the green 4Runner. My iPhone and Apple Watch was fine.

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19 Responses

  1. Mr Not That Famous says:

    it made it look so fancy

  2. brother daughter says:

    The best comedy gold is the unintentional comedy gold.

  3. Erik Berndt says:

    this turned from a near fatal accident to a fatal one, fACEBOOK SLAAAAYS

  4. Cognizant Nomad says:

    Glad your magic underwear protected you from harm!

  5. Brandon Clark says:

    this is your apt punishment for posting your life on the internet.

  6. Vactus says:

    well, happy reminder that you said fuck you to death?

  7. Chubachus says:

    This some new facebook garbage? Slideshows?

  8. therene says:

    “My iPhone and Apple Watch was fine.” At least your priorities are right.

  9. Blackops1boss says:

    Finally something worth the trending tab

  10. Xander says:

    i wanna make this a meme by taking the same format, but making the pictures
    of a horrible disaster.

  11. Nuclear Future says:

    I don’t get it

  12. John Cobb says:

    LOL Near-fatal Friday ?

  13. beieber4life says:

    Sponsored by Apple

  14. Richard Oxley says:

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  15. Ken Spitze says:

    THANK GOD YOUR APPLE WATCH WAS OKAY! That’s what is important.

  16. AJHerrera says:

    Thank goodness your Watch and IPhone are fine… ?Would have been tragic.

  17. Joseph Aguilar says:

    I’m glad you’re alive to make this video!

  18. Jesus Salazar says:


  19. Green Raver (M u s i c) says:

    So does google get up on Monday and drunkenly throw a dart at the trending
    board? Go home Google, your still drunk.