My Gangsta Relatives

My Gangsta Relatives

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South Korea was one hell of an experience..

TY to the crying kid voice:





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37 Responses

  1. Ahmed says:

    Me *looks at ladies skeptically* : You sure it’s all right to drink all of that red bull?
    Them: You tellin’ me this ain’t coffee?

  2. RJ JeongJa says:


    Tabbes:There is no way in hell we r dancing……..R u thrusting?
    Cousin:no im flossing
    Tabbes:that is…..that is not a floss this is a floss. *Flosses teath*

    That part got me laughing so much!?

  3. Abygail Galindo says:

    Wait… you’re Korean? Or does your family just live there? Bc you legit sound like ur from the- ohh I see about ur dad now

  4. L says:

    Me:Wow I can’t wait to see some of tabbes’ artwo-
    Seriously you got hella talent

  5. Charlie Shanahan says:

    Oh you out there looking like *Monkey D Luffy*
    Not intended as an insult

  6. Ry4n says:

    So I’m Not The Only One Who Watches Family Guy Clips


  7. Valen Germán Binda says:

    *_”Don’t die here or i’ll kill you!”_*

    I can’t find fail with your logic

  8. random hooman says:

    *Tabbs cousin does the ‘floss’*
    Tabbs: Are you thrusting?
    Cousin: No im flossing
    Tabbs: Thats not flossing, this is *starts flossing her teeth*
    Me: …… *dies laughing*

  9. ginger dusny says:

    I watch: this video

    My face:°~°

  10. The Shamanite says:

    I’ve had a good teacher who moved from San Francisco to Minnesota, and got headaches his first few weeks because the air was so different (cleaner).

  11. Phoenix and Kat says:


    Idk but is that the Hyangho Beach Bus Stop
    My a$s is too tired to think straight

  12. Lucy Harding says:

    Tabbes cousins: “yo you stayed up for 13 hours watching YouTube you’ve got a problem!”
    Me: *nervously biting nails* “y-yeeaahh, you’ve got a problem girl… hehe..”

  13. Anxiety & depression says:

    “Bts is everywhere”
    Me:**laughs in rap**

  14. FnafDuolingoFan _Yay13 says:

    *BTS X BABY SHARK X AIRPLANES* literally korean airport

  15. Maddie_ Flowers says:

    *slaps roof of Tabbes*

    This bad gurl can fit in so much language in her -and not get demonitized-

  16. Sami Muhafiz says:

    Me at 7 yr old: playing roblox for 16 hour
    Me at 10 yr old : watching youtube for 30 min for a day

  17. lee meh says:

    / >? remember tabbies dad when his drother put his hand in the soup

  18. Nikki The Cookie Unicorn says:

    Tabbes: *Watches YouTube for 13 hours straight*
    Her Cousin and Aunt: ⊙_⊙ =_=

    Me: Why are they mad isn’t that normal?

  19. Shea Smith says:

    They’re not used to us, watching YouTube for more than 13 hours?

    Huh, it is a U.S thing maybe…

  20. GalaxyStar _932 says:

    I don’t know where that is, but I’ve seen it before.
    *It’s on the cover of a BTS album.*

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