This video was pre filmed 7 weeks ago, prior to everything happening with my brand & social media. Hang in there with me while I make my way back to socials. xoxo


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71 Responses

  1. Aoife Otoole says:

    Id love you to film a full colourpop tutoral x and they have brow products x

  2. Coils of Love says:

    My favorite steps in my routine are my eyebrows, eyeshadow, and bronzer.
    Least favorite is concealer/highlighting and color correcting.

  3. Courtney Mcandrew says:

    Least favourite step: applying lashes
    Favourite step: taking my makeup off ?

  4. Xin Lu Fan says:

    jaclyn! go microblade your brows. perfect, natural and easy!

  5. vickitm says:

    Take the jacket off if the ac doesn’t work lololol

  6. Ana Filipa Pereira says:

    The Revolution concealer moves a lot in mt skin
    And the catrice one, that I also have, works perfectly!

  7. Antigona Jusufi says:

    What did you use on your lips after the liner?? ??‍♀️

  8. Bing Tan says:

    How to get your subscribers to trust you again?
    Me:Budget video?

  9. Vanessa Makeup says:

    Favourite step:foundation or eyeshadow
    Worst:eyebrows coz they’re so uneven?

  10. Snoot says:

    Hahaha the cut with the lipstick it’s obvious you cut out your product

    • Tamra Whitehead says:

      Snoot if she wouldn’t have, you and everyone else would still be coming for her for it. I think she knows it’s obvious.. ? but I’m sure you feel better thinking you’re letting everyone else know what we all already know ?

    • Elizabeth Gregory says:

      Omg y’all are so ridiculous, if you’re a true fan/follower of hers, why try n knock her down, while she’s down, its ridiculous. Had she left it in tho

  11. Barbora Hlavacikova says:

    what lipstick u have on? the part is cut off from video

  12. bekindlove says:

    Honey if you’re hot don’t wear a sweatshirt lol

  13. Erin Elizabeth says:

    Never ceases to amaze me how EASILY Jaclyn fans can be manipulated ??

    • Masha Mitchell says:

      Seriously. It’s pathetic really.

    • Elizabeth Booth says:

      A makeup tutorial is manipulation?? And are you assuming everyone who watched this video is a fan and being manipulated? Better go get a mirror. 😉

    • elmagnificodep says:

      Ashley H She shouldn’t have posted the video period. It’s an incomplete tutorial because it has faulty products. Anything to make a buck even if it’s a lie. The sheep will fall for it.

    • Elise Adler says:

      This was pre filmed

  14. Jasmine B says:

    L’Oréal telescopic mascara is the best and has a thin wand!

  15. Mylastestaddiction says:

    Girl you gotta kill that highlighter on your cheeks I was wondering why your face looked like it was getting heavy and you looked normal until BAM you applied that highlighter to your cheeks and there it is the answer..

  16. lydiaann2010 says:

    GIRL!!!! TRY THE LOREAL infallible 24HR fresh WEAR foundation…. the one in the glass pump bottle with the red lid. I like milani! But the loreal 24hr wear is freaking amazing ?..

  17. Arcticwave says:

    i’m kinda annoyed she’s always having drama, takes a break from social media and then she’s coming back ? over and over again.. i really loved her

    • Kim Ballard says:

      What do you expect her to do, roll over and die?

    • Charice Martin says:

      Then why are you here? She’s still a person. People fail and like all people needing to recuperate and get away from negativity. If anything she needed to take a step back. Can you imagine having millions of negative comments directed towards you? No because you’re not a YouTubed, you’re not famous, and if you did something wrong it would take a few days for people to get over it. Why is it that she doesn’t need the same? Because she’s an influencer? No she’s a human being. Leave. Her. Alone.

    • Spam account says:

      Charice Martin You’re such a sheep and it’s ridiculous. Take off the blindfold and you’ll see what we’re seeing.

    • Jaida McIntosh says:

      Spam account no you’re literally just exactly what your name is

    • J.K Vlogs says:

      Charice Martin ur not famous either she knew what she was getting into and she is a smart person and she does it for publicity

  18. Angelica Sewell says:

    This video was filmed pre-scandal so of course she used her own lipstick but then had to edit it out post-scandal. Lmaoooo

  19. Mary Brewer says:

    My favorite is pore filling primer like wow im so smooth, i hate doing eyeliner??

  20. Lola Z says:

    I like how she says “to make it more affordable for YOU”. Mmhmm, thank you?

    • Tiger-Lily Sky says:

      Lola Z I mean face it, not everyone can afford makeup from Sephora ??‍♀️ these videos are extremely helpful for people like me.

    • Charice Martin says:

      Not everyone likes to shop at Sephora or Ulta. Quit reaching.

    • Lola Z says:

      Tiger-Lily Sky I feel you, I love and shop at drug store too, it’s just her tone, feels a bit dismissive

    • Lauren House says:

      She probably said It bc everyone bitches that she never does drugstore so now she’s giving you, y’all, the people what they want

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