My Hangry Uber Pool Story

My Hangry Uber Pool Story

Who do you think you would be in this Uber Pool? Comment below!

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55 Responses

  1. aarr16 AJ says:

    CypherDen. I HEARED CYPHER

  2. simpsons channelx says:

    Can you please pin me. I love your channel!!!!

  3. BUT TRU says:

    Alex with dat fresh cut

  4. I'm Not Mexican says:

    Did you get a cookie with that taco?

  5. Nana Bernard says:

    Alex – It can’t get worse right…

    Me – of course it will it always

    Ps. Ur vids are so funny 😂💗❤️✨

  6. KinglyPeasant says:

    2:40 The cutest thing Alex has ever said. Marving is my new favorite word.

    • Hershey Sanchez says:


    • lance Mclaurin says:

      KinglyPeasant q

    • Mini Game Zone says:

      No this is 00:09

    • Shola Tv says:

      KinglyPeasant lmao

    • Alisha Robbins says:

      💗💙💗 *Еn slank brunett* , *24 år* , *vill träffа en killė* ;).
      💗💙💗 *Мina bildеr hittar du рå wеbbрlatsėn*
      💗💙💗 [ ]
      💗💙💗 *jag lovȧr аtt bеsvаrа alla mėddеlandėn* !

      💗💙💗 *Еn slаnk brunеtt* , *24 år* , *vill träffa en killė* ;).
      💗💙💗 *Мinȧ bildėr hittar du рå webbрlatsen*
      💗💙💗 [ ]
      💗💙💗 *jȧg lovаr ȧtt besvаrа alla mėddеlanden* !

  7. Nerd Girl says:

    How many tacos have YOU consumed Officer Taco?
    -ItsAlexClark 2018

  8. Moniiku says:


  9. Repressed_Retro says:

    Finally something different than the babysitter series

    • itsAlexClark says:

      you guys are so silly – 3 minutes ago I was reading a bunch of comments that I wait to long to upload babysitter videos….

  10. Bandito_The Dorito says:

    should have got uber eats lmao

  11. Kennethson Thang says:

    How ironic that I saw this RIGHT after I got out an Uber.

  12. Professor Villager says:

    At the start of 2:24 I think there’s a word that can describe “Moderately Starving”

    I think It’s called being hungry

    • Mark Deedoo says:


    • DeadlyYellow says:


    • Blake Hunley says:


    • Cyclops says:

      Professor Villager 2:34

    • Elena Razumovskaya says:

      💝💙 *Неj* ! *Jȧg hаr stоrа blåа ögоn ȯc̣h ȯс̣h långt svаrt hårеt* .
      💝💙 *Min dröm är аtt få lite ömhеt ос̣h mänsklig värmе* .
      💝💙 *Vаr är du* , *min endа man* ? *Skriv mig på*
      💝💙 [ ]

      💝💙 *Hеj* ! *Jȧg hаr stȯrȧ blåa ögon ȯсh ȯсh långt svаrt hårеt* .
      💝💙 *Мin dröm är ȧtt få litė ömhеt ȯс̣h mänsklig värmė* .
      💝💙 *Vаr är du* , *min еndȧ mȧn* ? *Skriv mig ᵽå*
      💝💙 [ ]

  13. GoldenSeahawk30 says:

    they should just sell food at the Uber car.

    • Ozz Lee says:

      GoldenSeahawk30 they didn’t sell food there? We got this ride sharing app here (not uber) that can actually buys food for you, from any stall/restaurant/cafe… You send them the list of item you want to buy, the app calculated the price and the fare and you just wait at your home.

    • username1nmillion says:

      GoldenSeahawk30 I think what you mean is It’sAlexClark could have just ordered *Uber Eats* instead. 💯🌮🚘

  14. CypherDen says:

    I appreciate the addition of those eye bags! 100% accurate! 😀
    Also I can 100% relate on being HANGRY.

    • Makayla 44283010 says:

      Ahhhhh cyperden ahhhhhh

    • mangœs hh says:


    • Enzo Views says:

      chyferden hi

    • Darya Stremouhova says:

      💟💙 *Неj* ! *Lėtаr du еfter еn fliсkȧ för еtt sеriöst förhållаndė* ?
      💟💙 *Det innebär аtt vi рassar p̣еrfеkt ihоᵽ* . *Skriv mig ᵽå*
      💟💙 [ ]
      💟💙 *jag hеtеr Vikа* ( *25 år* ).

      💟💙 *Hеj* ! *Lėtar du eftеr еn flic̣kа för еtt sеriöst förhållаndе* ?
      💟💙 *Dėt innеbär att vi раssar ᵽеrfеkt ihоᵽ* . *Skriv mig рå*
      💟💙 [ ]
      💟💙 *jаg hėtеr Vikа* ( *25 år* ).

    • Ibraahim Daud says:

      CypherDen q

  15. Zainen 1211 says:

    I am in an Uber RN

  16. Geeknerd13 AJ says:

    One time I was hangry at my house and my friend was over, and my brother was messing with me and I turn full Godzilla Demon on him in front of her and now she’s afraid of me.

  17. IT'S Jim Playz says:

    3:44 is that den

  18. Maddie Michels says:


  19. Matt Spicer says:

    Alex always getting himself in awkward situations hahaha

  20. Lachie Dagiandas says:

    Should’ve just got Uber Eats.

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