MY HOME BIRTH STORY 🤍👶🏻 // positive birth story

MY HOME BIRTH STORY 🤍👶🏻 // positive birth story

All birth photography: @evarose812 // evarosebirth on IG

So excited to finally share this with you all!

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  1. Emily Isioma Omoragbe says:

    Can we just please talk about the way that Camilla looks at Julie? It’s just so filled with love and you can see how proud she looks at her😍😍

  2. Carole Krier says:

    As a straight girl that does not want to have children, this was the most beautiful video I have seen ❤ the love of you both and the harmony. Such an amazing couple

  3. Prince 🕯️ says:

    I’m 21 and I’ve been following you from the very first IVF injections. It’s been a long journey and I’ve learned so much about birth and pregnancy. My degree is teaching so it helps and it’s just so wonderful to listen to your sincere thoughts. Thank you mommas! You’re doing everything right ♥️

  4. Maria Maria says:

    I’m 28 and for the first time I’m not scared of giving birth. Thank you for this story:)

    • Denise says:

      Omg yes, it was so nice and loving, made me feel the same

    • Dee That's Me says:

      I love how Juile listen to her body. I was in labor for along time at the hospital. At one point they said we are goingto do a c-section. My daughter was not taking the hint it was time to move out. I was dialating. But she was not coming down. She was not giving up her warm waterbed without a fight. I told the doctor turn off ALL the medication right now. And I will get her down! He thought I was crazy so did the nurses. But he did agree to give me 1 hour. And then they would be rushing me back if it didnt work. Ur mind go into this bubble during labor, no on else matters, just baby and u. One soul, becoming Two.
      It was a happy ending! Baby learned that mama don’t play before she took her first breath.❤
      🎉Congratulations on your little one! I pray for you to have the most wonderful beautiful birth that you can imagine. 🎉

    • CoColime says:

      You’ll have you’re own experience in you’re own way enjoy 😁

    • Koito says:

      1000000% recommend anything but a hospital birth (unless you have worries or fears about your health or baby’s health ofc)
      I’ve had 2 hospital births. My first one, was a c section and wasn’t very bad since I was asleep. Second was a VBAC and the hospital staff was so fuckin terrible. They didn’t listen to ANYTHING I said or ANYTHING I wanted. On like day 3 of my stay after I had my son, they started to be so rude to me.

    • Beatrix Kiddo says:

      Everyone’s different and they handle it different. There’s no wrong way. Just be healthy and happy !!

  5. theo says:

    26:50 at this point of the video where julie said “but i don’t want him to leave, i want him to stay forever.” that geniunely got to me and i started crying. I just don’t understand how people can feel anything but this level of adoration for their child, and hearing her say that just warmed my heart so much. They’re already such great mothers and baby boy is so lucky to have them <3

  6. Skull Garden says:

    I remember when I had my home birth. I was in labor for three hours. I stood in the hall, felt my son drop into my pelvis, and looked at my midwife and said “he’s moving down”. She just smiled and replied “amazing. Let’s have a baby,” and it was go time. Crawled up on my couch and pushed him out on all fours like a bear, a primal animal. It was great!
    Edit: didn’t expect so many likes. That was five years ago, and my son is now a little boy, a full child. It’s wild looking back at that moment as my child plays Roblox while my husband and I watch tv. If it weren’t for the economy, I’d have another baby, and hopefully be able to do it at home again.

    • Skull Garden says:

      Also, I did NOT expect to have a precipitous labor, and oh my god it was so dang painful. The contractions were so strong and powerful out of nowhere it was like I couldn’t adjust to the pain and before I knew it, I was pushing. Sometimes, a fast labor isn’t better- it can be jarring. Luckily I had a very open mind going into the experience.
      The recovery was fast. I did not require stitches. I was very active and on my feet and driving very soon afterwards, which was cool. I will say it was weird to suddenly have a baby in the house. Like, one second I was pregnant then the next I had my baby in my arms, and that night was a trip lol. My husband and I were both elated and lost 😂
      I worked out heavily my entire pregnancy. Weight lifting, jogging, and cross country hiking. Swimming. I think it helped.
      Breastfeeding sucked lol it was harder than birth.

    • Milya says:

      “amazing. let’s have a baby” made me tear up right now. what an incredible thing to say. it feels so encouraging. i hope it felt like that in the moment as well!

    • Skull Garden says:

      @Milyait was. At that point, I was in pain, but confident. We all knew he was coming. We all felt at peace and safe.

  7. astral_bumblebee says:

    I never ever want to have kids but I’ll watch this whole thing
    Congrats mamas

  8. EzraMoon says:

    This was so incredible to hear you talk about! Im non-binary and I find pregnancy an incredibly triggering topic when it relates to myself and so I don’t want children, but hearing your story was so empowering. I hope that you inspired so many birthing people to advocate for the experience they want ❤❤❤

  9. W4ggonWh33ls says:

    I’m only 22 and I’m really single, but now I don’t feel as scared to have children. Yes, I know it’s going to be painful and tough, but the pure love you have on both your faces for little Fry must make it all worth it. Sending love and good wishes from England ❤️

  10. Kim Williams says:

    I have two children, and I can’t stop weeping. Just knowing how powerful, and magical, both giving birth, and the newborn stage is, and watching two women experience that? I just couldn’t be happier for the both of you and the little fry. Congrats. Proud of all of you! ❤️

    • wawawawa says:

      It’s so beautiful. I truly felt like I knew the meaning of life when I gave birth to my son, and feel so happy for anyone else who shares that experience.

    • Kornelia Waszak says:

      I think it’s sweet how ppl feel like that but my birth was terrible and the newborn stage is nowhere magical 😂😂

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