My House Burned Down And It Changed My Life

My House Burned Down And It Changed My Life


This is Johnny, and he’s going to tell you a story about a disastrous fire that destroyed his family home and forced him to change his outlook on life.

When he was just 13, Johnny’s family lived in a small but beautiful house. They had good relationships and loved each other, and also, they loved all the things they had there.

It may sound weird to use the word “love” when it’s about things, but there’s no other way to effectively describe it. For example, Johnny’s books, his gaming console and the games for it, his clothes and old toys – all of that stuff really mattered to him. One glance at any one of the things he owned could fill him with warm memories of a particular time.

Those things helped him to cope with his problems and to escape from his ordinary life.

“One day, when Johnny came home from school, he discovered that something terrible had happened. His family home was on fire, and there were firefighters trying to put the blaze out, but it was already too late – there was nothing that could be done to save it. The firefighters explained that it wasn’t their fault – it had something to do with faulty wiring, and they couldn’t have done anything to prevent it.

It’s weird, but it’s hard to process something like that – you don’t immediately start to think about it like it’s a real thing with consequences. You need time to get your head around it.

Johnny and his family didn’t have much time to be sad. They had to find a new temporary place to live, and to talk to different officials and sign documents.

And only then, when they were alone in their small temporary apartment on the outskirts of town, everything started to sink in. They had lost so much. Johnny would never see his old toys or childhood drawings again, and all his favorite books and games had been destroyed. It’s not like he had owned a lot of things, but they were important to him.

And his parents didn’t feel much better – their days consisted of endless planning, like what to do next and how to get back to a normal life. Maybe they would sell the family car, start using the bus, and try to get more money for a new house. Everything that formed part of Johnny’s hobbies had been destroyed. He felt a strange mix of fear, boredom, and sadness…

And then, his parents started fighting. Looking back on it, Johnny understands now that they were nervous and tired, but at the time he wanted to run away from it all, he didn’t want to hear it. But you can’t help seeing it when you have only one room to live in.

Eventually, he grew tired of just boiling in this soup of anger and despair, so he went outside to do…something! He couldn’t see his friends because they were too far away from him. So he had to improvise.

He climbed some trees, went for a walk near the river, drew a map of everything around him. For a few hours, he completely forgot about all the misfortunes his family and he had had to endure, and had fun the same way he did when he was a little boy. Eventually, Johnny got to know the other kids in the area, and funnily enough, they thought he was very cool after telling his story…

But he still felt quite sorry for his parents, who had to go to work and buy him food and solve other problems. He asked if he could start working himself and help out a bit, but honestly, how much can a 13-year-old boy really earn?

Johnny felt useless, and he didn’t like it. He wanted to do something.

Before he enjoyed his world of games and books, and he never let anyone into it. Now, this place where he lived had become his new escape from his problems. Suddenly, he thought to himself – maybe my parents also need something like this? Sure, it won’t magically solve all our problems, but perhaps if they saw how beautiful this place is and had just one happy day, it would make it a bit better for them?

So one day, he gave his parents a map he had made earlier and proposed to go on a tour of the area. His dad was very reluctant, but his mom liked the idea, and so eventually, they agreed. As they walked through the streets, he saw smiles on their faces for the first time in a long time. His dad even tried to climb a tree with him, but he wasn’t very successful!

After this, they slowly started to rebuild their family. They saw how beautiful their new home was, and decided to try to buy a house there. They told him that he could help by getting good grades (typical parents). Three years have passed since then, and they finally have a new place and new things to love. But they don’t rely on material possessions for happiness so much now.

From all of this, Johnny learned that while things are important, it’s more important to be a strong and interesting person no matter what. His dad later said, “you know, I’m glad it happened to us, because it made us so much stronger.” And Johnny agrees.

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  2. EmmyLoox2 have fun watching my channel says:

    My school caught fire today and I was freaking out

    Edit about what happened because you probably want to know: So it was the end of the day and me and my group of friends were by one of their lockers. It was quite normal until smoke started coming out of the cafeteria and that’s when the bell went off. Me being a stupid autistic curious 12 year old girl decided to instead walk the the exit look and stare before glass started breaking. There are more than one exits but because it was the end of the day we all tried to head to the same exit to go home. When I was walking home a few ambulances, fire trucks and police cars were going inside the school. We are currently not allowed back until it is considered safe to. So yeah that’s my story. P.S I live in England for the people that are thinking it caught fire by the California fire.

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    *house has left the chat*

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    I am watchin a house burning while drinking a glass of coke

  5. Aacro X says:

    Stan Lee’s death is sadder

  6. Tord Larsson Ate my sandwich XD says:

    This is my worst nightmare i love my house because it prevents me from socializing

    • Senthil Kumar says:


    • Sharmin xoxo says:

      Social people go out more, while the introverts stay at home, and might do homework and study a bit more and get good grades (most of them at least) But being social will give you advantages in a job interview, but most shy people will get a bit of a higher grade for not going out and maybe do homework to kill some time. What I’m trying to say here is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re social or not. Your future depends on your skills of whatever, level of education, know more than one language…etc. Not really whether you’re social or not. Sorry but yours is a poor argument.

    • Antzi06 Antzelina says:

      Tord Larsson Ate my sandwich XD Sameee! Also, **cleans throat**

      *Armyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy* ??

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      I was just thinking that

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  7. Pup Tart says:

    My friends house burned down and they were in it. They had to escape. He barely was recognizable, he had no fingers and toes, and cant grow hair anymore. It was because he had to go back in to save his brother and mom who were trapped. It happened last Christmas because of their real Christmas tree with the Christmas lights. They also lost 2 dogs in the fire. This reminded me of it. Now they are no longer in Intensive care and he is in therapy now so thats good at least. If needed i can sensd the aticle that talks about it

  8. Aestheticblossom ツ says:

    3:03 that black dude looks like Lucas from stranger things

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    If you read this I  hope this never happens to you

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    “Yes papa!”
    “Burning house?”
    “Telling lies?”
    “Get out the house Johnny!”
    “Ok papa!”

  12. Anna Jordan says:

    I can relate on January 2nd the day after my birthday my house burned down. It was an amazing house and I loved it with all my heart but it was gone. I had to go live with my friend while my sister’s were in Arizona and my mom in Texas trying to find a house. A month had passed then my mom came to Louisiana to come bring me to my new home.We had to go live with my grandpa. After months of living with him we moved. We had finally gotten a house but then alot of people came to live with us. I started to feel isloted and depressed . It is now nov.12 2018 but I’m still depressed and I’m scared to celebrate my birthday this year. Thank you for letting me share my story

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    Guess god punished him for eating all the sugar…

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    2:21 did he just started flossing??

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    Johny Johny
    Yes papa
    The house is BuRnIng DOwn

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    Rip Stan Lee is what matters to me

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    3:09 y he say sorry like that??

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    Your house must’ve been lit

    I’m sorry I’ll go now

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    Why youtube recommend me this???


  20. Manuel Sanchez Sanchez says:

    Actually two days ago a neighbors house burned down and it took the firefighters two hours to leave. Then they came back for an hour…

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