My House Burned Down

My House Burned Down

Massive wild fire burned my house down. We lost pretty much everything.

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52 Responses

  1. timberjack460 says:

    Do you have a po box so I can send you some lightly used tools

  2. Crispy Memes says:

    The goal was 10k…
    now you have 100k
    better stop crying right now or Ill start to cry too

  3. Dominik says:

    Next time on crappy science with William Osman: lasercutting a new house!
    PS: I’m so sorry, this really sucks and I hope the best for all of you

  4. sew wanm says:

    He is still positive

  5. Optisnake says:

    I saw the thumbnail and thought clickbait… but then I looked closely and was thinking: “Wait is this the smelter?….”

    Best wishes, I will donate something later in the day.

  6. Jorge Anthony says:


    this is a *CAT* atrophe

  7. ZombieGhostGirl says:

    Hugs from Australia πŸ™‚
    You should cherish that fork and you can look back on this day and say β€œfork you wildfires you may have taken my home but not me” πŸ™‚

  8. Fazori says:

    Take a break. Good luck man

  9. Sploodle says:

    You made 100k on the go find me you can buy a new laser cutter new house and new furniture. But it will never be the same as those old memories, never the same dodgy laser cutter that started off your channel. But you will always have the same loyal subscribers and friends who will help you out with all we can. It sucks but I wish you the best.

  10. Wunderful says:

    Oh my gosh
    I thought this was clickbait
    I’m glad you’re ok!!

  11. Can we get 1000 subscibers without videos ? says:

    And this kids, is why we europeans build everything from bricks and concrete

    • kinniefire says:

      brick and concrete dont do well in earthquake zones. building codes n that

    • Peter Brown says:

      Can’t do that in California. We tried it in San Francisco in 1905

    • loosest swooce says:

      Peter Brown whoa!!!! Love your videos as much as William’s!! Be safe Peter!!!

    • James P says:

      On a side note. I took an engineerimg class in highschool where we made two blanks, one of concrete and one of wood. We took them outside and and put the edges on cinder blocks and applied heat via blow torch to the middle. The concrete fell apart in seconds while the wood maintained structural integrity until the last centimeter or so. So yes, concrete doesn’t burn, but it crumbles in high heat situations, but wood maintains structure long enough for residents to get out. Homes aren’t designed to survive fires, they’re designed to let everyone get out before collapsing.

    • Sock says:

      Can we get 1000 subscibers without videos ? You’re actually dumb

  12. Triple Z says:

    Guess the “Soon to be homeless” quote on his channel banner actually came true.

  13. jargal zorigtbaatar says:

    Sorry dude

  14. Bubbleblubflubdub II says:

    He got 100k in 19 hours… (He deserves it)

  15. Gaute Robertsen says:

    Who the fuck disliked this?!?

  16. Meme Thief says:

    This is proof that youtube fame is the greatest insurance one could ever have. I’m not insulting you here, but it shows you genuinely built a community that cares about your content. You’ll be back in no time.

    • Mr Chelsea says:

      $120,000 raised so far on his gofundme. He’ll be ok in the end, but it doesn’t stop it from sucking any less. Can’t imagine losing everything i own to a fire. All my cherished sentimental belongings gone forever.

  17. whatever says:

    I live just north in Santa Barbara if you need a place to crash.

  18. Peter Brown says:

    William, I don’t even know what to say. I’m so sorry. I’m glad to see how much your community cares for you! Let me know if you need anything from me.

  19. Wilhelm Price says:

    They must’ve heard my mixtape

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