My Indie Game Publishing Company

My Indie Game Publishing Company

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32 Responses

  1. Captain Astronaut says:

    Dunkey is the realest gamer of all time, so I’m looking forward to seeing him help publish the realest games of all time

  2. Follygon says:

    I’ve heard that this publishing company can really make you feel like a developer.

  3. Nano says:

    That warcraft 3 tower defense clip sent me a nostalgia trip. Can’t wait to see what you guys publish!

    • DrDiabeetus says:

      I remember seeing a game on steam a few years back that billed itself as the successor to wintermaul and I got mildly excited, only to be crushed when I saw the gameplay. The towers MOVED. Half the fun of wintermaul was making snaking mazes of towers to get as much damage on the enemies as possible and they just tossed that away

    • WilleVodka says:

      @thmpr There is no Warcraft 3 remaster.

    • Matt Piroddi says:

      have yet to see any TD game as good as SproutTD from warcraft 3

    • thmpr says:

      Dang, we were hoping all you guys would’ve shown up for Warcraft 3 remastered lol

    • Espen Nilsen says:

      Are there even any TD games out there similar to wc3 TD? Can’t seem to find anything 🙁

  4. Uncle Mingus says:

    This is the final stage of the gaming YouTuber career, and man I’m so glad that it’s you who made it. I can’t think of anyone better to run an indie game publishing company than the dunk himself

  5. Owen Pietromica says:

    You can just feel the passion and dedication that Dunkey is putting into the industry, into the art form, nothing but love and best wishes from me Dunk!

  6. Overly Sarcastic Productions says:

    This is so goddamn cool, fuckin bravo man.
    Can’t wait to see Big Mode come out with KNACK 3 BAYBEEEEE.

  7. Gavin Turner says:

    In a sea of weak game criticism and soullessness of video games, things like this make my heart warm. I’ve been watching you ever since your critique on Game Critics, and I have always connected with your view on video games and art as a whole. You’re someone who really cares about the value of media and the quality that it comes with, and I love your channel for it. This new studio makes me even more excited for the content to come, someone who really cares about game design pushing games that are truly worth something. Thank you, video donkey.

  8. Fleshcut says:

    OH BOY, I have been waiting for this! I spent years crafting my own little game but I always lacked opportunity. I feel this will be my big breakthrough. My idea is a turn-based J-RPG with farming simulator elements. Dunkey will love it!

    • Logan Woodbury says:

      ​@Matthew Jones Makes me think of his game critics video, where he talks about how he has his own opinion of a game and it’s not supposed to be everyone’s opinion. You probably wouldn’t pitch a WW2 game to Nintendo, or a game with Pokemon-level story telling to Atlus. Of course, like people have said, if a game is good enough Dunkey has been known to overcome his biases (Like Turn-based Anime JRPG Persona 5). I imagine the same approach to which games he’ll publish

    • Kittyclysm says:

      To be fair, Undertale (one of the games presented as incredible in this video) was a turn-based game. In the video Dunkey reviewed it, he said the gameplay was fun despite being turn based. So just make whatever your videogame is fun and different and it has a shot.

    • You1tube2account says:

      @Matthew Jones I’ll put it like this. If Bigmode—against all odds—releases a “turn-based J-RPG with farming simulator elements” you bet your ass it’ll be some groundbreaking good shit.

    • Salome Mallgren says:

      @Matthew Jones That’s a good and legitimate question. I think Dunkey will be looking for people who are passionate about their project, as he said in the video, but I think he’ll also want to try and push games that make him feel passionate about playing them. So farming sims and the like are probably out unless they have some innovative new mechanic or the cast of characters is really charming.

    • Matthew Jones says:

      That’s a legit question I have about this publisher. Is there an unspoken “genres Dunkey generally dislikes need not apply” element?

  9. John Delanie says:

    “Instead of making bad games we will make only good games” What a revolutionary idea

  10. The Wild Doge says:

    I am sincerely excited to see where this goes. Been watching your videos for a loooong time and have seen your ability to understand and explain what’s good and bad about the industry grow. Seeing it all culminate in this is just so satisfying. Big Mode is gonna be big

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