My life… | Jacob Sartorius

My life… | Jacob Sartorius

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20 Responses

  1. LifeOfAdam says:

    ME GET JACOB TO NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tyromed says:

    Shove a queen sized bed up my pussy and jump on it and play the bongos.

  3. Ryan Bradshaw says:

    This has to be a joke right? There was no “story”. He’s adopted. So am I
    and so are millions of kids. Doesn’t make you special or your life hard…
    You got adopted to rich parents who support you and raised you into a
    little douche who stares at cameras and lip bites for pre pubescent girls
    to scream at. You’re not talented nor are you special. This wasn’t
    difficult for you… That was just a publicity stunt you fake af kid. Learn
    to grow up

  4. A Dolphin says:

    fast and fagtorious 8

  5. Ben Dover says:

    I’m sitting here watching the ad before the video and i just know this
    video is going to be cancer

  6. CheeseHead says:

    I’m adopted also (not that anyone actually gives a fuck because I’m not
    famous and shit) ?

  7. DABING`_`Henry lol says:

    hes adopted omfg thats so funny

  8. Fantasy Godiva says:

    The new FUCKBOY of the year…

  9. Jack Craig says:

    What was the purpose of this video? Being adopted doesn’t make u special or
    anything so i dont understnad why this video exists. Im adopted too but
    that doesnt make me anymore different or special.

  10. First name Last name says:

    Why does he always wear skateboarding company gear (thrasher,spitfire)

  11. DINDUNUFFIN says:

    Stop wearing Skate clothes you fucking little faggot poser!

  12. awk0steph says:

    some of you guys disgust me. Saying that ‘no one cares’ and ‘rat, good for
    you’ is definitely not how you comfort someone who seemed to have a tough
    life when they were younger. I may be only 12 but at least my parents
    brought me up right and taught me to respect other people the way you
    wanted to be treated. Think before you say something to a 13 year old
    internet trolls.

  13. NOT IN USE says:

    This kid is amazing! Being able to come out even when he already has so
    much hate is something that takes a lotta courage. Keep awesome Jacob <3

    We love you!

  14. Unguided Reaper says:

    He’s not a pop star. He’s a lip syncing talentless tween. Anybody can
    become “famous” it seems. Shows how stupid this country had become.

  15. D3viNCG says:

    Only people that supports this cringy, cancerous, sk8ter boi/fuck boi are
    insecure, horny girls that are 15 yrs old and below.

  16. Kirito says:

    Jacob that’s fine and all but just please, I beg of you, stop making music

  17. Therealmatthew 2 says:

    One minute thirty five second video… $$$$$

  18. Brown Messi says:

    man I no haters say u cringey buy honestly I am not one of those guys and
    no I am not 10 i don’t hate u bout I don’t like support u i just respect u

  19. Tim Struckmeyer says:


  20. Luna Adang says:

    Haters, if you can do it better.. I’ll see. I wonder how you (haters) will
    handle all the hate. It’s pretty sad you’re wasting you’re time to see,
    dislike en put a hate comment on a 13 year old kid/person. I don’t wan’t
    you to say sorry, I just wanna say it so maybe you’ll realize that you’re
    not cool of doing that.