My Lipsticks

My Lipsticks

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57 Responses

  1. The Dank Angel says:

    Jaclyn: I’m so sorry about the tiny white hairs guys, We DO have Cats working in the production line. ?

  2. Me Myself says:

    Your lipstick, your lies, this video = EPIC FAIL

  3. Rachel Patterson says:

    This was rushed and there was no quality control. I’ve never had a lipstick look that. ?

  4. Stephanie Lima says:

    I have never left a negative comment on a video. I always want to be kind. But girl, you are lying. Just stop.

  5. Cassidy Jean Blakeley says:

    jaclyn: “problems with texture..”


    • Valerie McHugh says:

      Everyone is gonna hate on Jaclyn. Just stop. She’s fixing her products. Relaxxxxx it’s just lipsticks. Give her a break

    • Lauren says:

      If anything its hardened lipstick lmao

    • Cassidy Jean Blakeley says:

      Tony G there was 3 people on twitter who had shards of glass or plastic in their lipsticks

    • Cassidy Jean Blakeley says:

      Valerie McHugh i understand but its just irritating to see people being seriously affected by the lipsticks, and she most likely did this for the attention to release more..

  6. Kecia Necelle says:

    Why would they use those gloves tho? When they know full well it will contaminate the product? I mean.. ?‍♀️

  7. Јелена С says:

    Then… how da fak this never happened to any other lipsticks? Never have I ever purchased the lipstick that was damaged like this…

  8. Tania S says:

    Raw beauty kristi was able to pull one of those ‘oxygen bubbles’ out
    Girl stop lying

    • Camila Garcés says:

      She actually acknowledged those black particles in the video, those are the ones that also make the lipstick feel rough, she said in the video that was because of the giant tanks that didn’t mix well all the ingredients.

    • Josh says:

      Camila Garcés stop defending her

    • Lime Amoeba says:


      Bruh she literally said what happened? Don’t hate her for trying to tell them the stuff YALL DIDNT PAY ATTENTION TO

    • DMarie 87 says:

      Camila Garcés the only thing she said about the black “holes” were oxygen bubbles. She did not address the black bits in the lipstick. Raw materials being unmixed is vague. Cause what’s the black stuff?

    • Iris J says:

      Lime Amoeba you obviously didnt pay attention because she didnt address the FOREIGN OBJECTS found in the lipsticks. The little plastic balls? The glass?

  9. Erika Hood says:

    They are safe? What about the girl that cut her lip on one of your lipsticks?!

  10. BikiniSeasonXx says:

    Cotton gloves (even in a “sterile” environment, are not sterile!)… admitting to “fuzzies” or “fibers from cleaning towels” being mixed into lipstick batches = contamination!

    • Denise Brauner says:

      And why would those “white cotton fibers” still be white, instead of the color of the lipsticks? ?

    • Jennifer Wells says:

      @Nicolle Hook really? I hope you’re being sarcastic because if not I’m scared. They are going on lips on your mouth and it sometimes gets in your mouth while eating…

    • tategold says:

      Denise Brauner yes! if they are from the towel stayed in the vat, they should be same with the color of the lipstick..??

    • Nicolle Hook says:

      Jennifer Wells It’s cotton, not metal shards lol. My question is how cotton will harm you? It may not be “sterile”, but I want to know how cotton will hurt you. Do you have a specific answer to that?

    • BikiniSeasonXx says:

      @Nicolle Hook Honey, you can’t be serious?? Lipsticks go on your mouth!!! Your mouth is the the single biggest way for germs, infections, diseases and viruses, enter your body!

  11. Qais Popalzai says:

    Stop with the hate comments guys. I’m tired of liking all them.

  12. wowjennawow says:

    i’m sorry, but she sounds irritated that she’s being forced to take responsibility for her own brand ?

    • Ariel Kruemcke says:

      wowjennawow I think the frustration comes less from taking responsibility and more from the fact that she didn’t expect or want this to happen. Imagine if you had a company that had this many bumps in the beginning

    • Kerstin Nilsson says:

      Ariel Kruemcke ya exactly, I think anyone would sound irritated about that tbh

    • dreamcatcher75418 says:

      A multimillion dollar company run by someone who didn’t finish high school….. yeah…. ??

  13. Heiress Serenity says:

    five years wait..
    there’s gonna be a slight delay

  14. Luz María Torres II García says:

    lol y’all should just buy your makeup at CVS and Walgreens, it’s better quality and much cheaper!

  15. thalia persaud says:

    I feel like the like to dislike ratio of this video is being tampered with bc comparing the likes to the comments, it’s just not adding up sis

  16. Paula Sawyers says:

    Only a thief would say that. A thief who has stolen our money!

  17. Brittany B says:

    LOL lipstick from Dollar Tree doesn’t even have these problems ?

  18. Virasman says:

    People calm down with the negative comments…

    *So many to like*

  19. NSA S says:

    So you’re telling me she’s been working on it for 5 years then rushed the launch in a month??

  20. Gloria DB says:

    But guys she’s a “perfectionnist” and a “control freak” ?? oh the irony…

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