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  1. DocMonty says:

    to solve everyones problem on seating:
    you have your own seats at home, they cant kick you out if u bring em

  2. tom ster says:

    The best seat I ever sat in on a plane was the very front middle row with just me and my wife and the other guy didn’t show up so I was able to lay down and fall asleep on her lap for half the flight and she was able to lay down and fall asleep on my lap for the other half of the flight.
    Plus you have tons of legroom because there’s basically enough room for another row of seats if they were plaster right at the wall. So you got like 5 feet of legroom. No squeezing out of your seat to get anywhere. Just stand up and walk freely without hinderance

    • Maddison Bakreson says:

      That’s so lucky! I loved it when there was 2 seats for me, and my parents or friends usually sit near me so I love it when I had an extra seat, but that was so rare.

    • Alisa Vewa says:


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  3. M0meRath says:

    I have come to the same general conclusions however I prefer the window seat as I don’t use the toilet on the plane and don’t want to have to move for other people. I also find sleeping against the window more comfortable. I’m not the type of person to get up as soon as the plane lands either so it doesn’t worry me having to wait a while to get out.

  4. Ashtaylor says:

    I’m always so conflicted between window and outside seat. I prefer window so I can lean on something, but getting up is such a hassle. Also it’s so much better to not feel confined if you’re sitting next to strangers. I haven’t flown in many years, but I have traveled a fair amount, and I’ve definitely sat in some really crappy seats (middle, between or surrounded by rude people, near the bathroom, etc.) but I’ve also been really lucky, and one time the flight was nearly empty and I got to lay across the entire row and sit wherever I wanted. Honestly, I always consider price first because I want to be able to enjoy the trip once I get there, but it does suck to be uncomfortable on a long flight.

    Also does anyone else think reclining the seats when someone is behind you is rude? I hate hate hate when people do that and then I can’t use my tray or watch the tv and I have someone practically on my lap. 🙄

    • Yusur Kassem says:

      @Tanut Sirapornpirun Yh I don’t get recliners. Like you said, if you want a comfy ride, fly business. So why the he’ll are they putting recliners in economy especially when you get kids just going back and forth for the fun of it only

    • Jakob Malki says:

      @Tanut Sirapornpirun If you know that someone is sitting behind you, you don’t try to recline the seat all way. It’s called having manners

    • Drip Akari Sharki says:

      @NL Animals it isn’t people’s fault if they can’t stop their kids. Some kids are just complete brats and there are parents who try to stop their kids but the kid won’t stop.

    • HappyHammie says:

      @Drip Akari Sharki it’s the parents responsibility to teach their kids a little respect

    • NL Animals says:

      @Drip Akari Sharki That’s true and I do appreciate those people even if they can’t stop their kid, but the people I sat in front of obviously didn’t notice or care that their child was kicking my seat

  5. Martith says:

    PRO TIP for emergency exit seat storage: I always pack a pouch with my necessities, like earplugs, earphones, chapstick, pen etc. because there’s always that little pocket on the wall in front of the window seat – for storing all three seats’ info booklets and amenities, this way the window seat actually has access to “their own” storage. Of course, nothing big can be put there, but as there’s no need to ask people to let you through at any point, you can stand up and take out your device or bag from the overhead compartment whenever you want to. I’m 162 cm but I do have problems with restless legs during long seatings, plus I prefer a window seat to lean onto something while I sleep. Also, I’ve traveled a fair amount on the intercontinental flights with different airlines and there was never any smell coming from the toilets. Plus you don’t need to stand up and wait for the WC for 20 minutes, you can just sit and wait for a better moment:)

    • Th3 R4b8it says:

      Ahh yes my plane crashed but at least I got my chapstick and electronics

    • Rushil says:

      I relate with you fr, and I am a full 191 cm (6’3) making those emergency seats a must, otherwise the trip ends up becoming miserable for me and the person in front seat of me

    • Jo Jo says:

      @Rushil yeah agreed. I’m from a tall family, I’m 5’10, mum 6’1, dad 6’6 and bro 6’7 so we always try to get the emergency seats-especially my dad and bro, because try squeezing a 6’7 guy into a middle row seat, it’s no fun for anyone involved!

    • Martith says:

      @Th3 R4b8it lmao obviously

    • Rushil says:

      @Jo Jo You’ve got a whole ball league in your home lmao with a 6’1 mom, and if you are a 5’10 girl that is tall too, you might as well stop travelling by air at this point

  6. sadiet08 says:

    in my opinion the corner seat is the best: because you’re next to the window, and it’s the most privacy

  7. Dave Wojtowicz says:

    Jeenie, you can add that D and F have less chance of being disrupted by interior passengers, and likely if you’re a single traveler in the middle section, the people taking the remaining 2 seats are together so you’ll have a minimal chance being disrupted… For that reason D and F are better than D and G

  8. b says:

    D and F are better than D and G because they are less likely to be disrupted by interior passengers, and if you’re a single traveler in the middle section, the people taking the remaining two seats are likely to be together, so you’ll have a minimal chance of being disrupted…

  9. Sof L says:

    I prefer the front row seats, right after business. On flights within Europe, the divider is moveable depending on how many people will have business seats. Therefore, rows up to 8 usually have more leg space. Plus, you get to leave the plane sooner than if you were in the back.

  10. WorldAviation 4K says:

    *2nd from the back is mine. First on board (especially right now) and lots of seats free* I then just relax at the end while everyone else stands up for 15 minutes waiting for the gate to dock with the plane

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