My Netflix and No Chill Story

My Netflix and No Chill Story

My first and last adventure in Netflix and chill land.

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48 Responses

  1. Mr.Bailey says:

    Nothing wrong with being a gun fanatic but still the dude sounds crazy

    • goldenhadesx says:

      Mr.Bailey it’s the most wrong when your both if guns can give crazy people any sort of power like that there’s obviously something wrong that could have been prevented

    • Mr.Bailey says:

      goldenhadesx Racist Plus Gun equals death
      But let’s not get into politics

  2. Crunchmations says:

    Swoozie got vocals👌

  3. Chandasouk says:

    Lol that old school R. Kelly

  4. FLaPP JaCK says:

    My boyfriend is white, and I met his dad on our SECOND date! When we walk into his house my boyfriend announces we just walked in, his dad yells ” hold on, let me grab my gun!” Let’s just say I didn’t move more than an inch. He was really nice though, apparently he does it to all the dates his son brings over lmao (True story)

  5. selma9450 says:

    Knowing that you wear Spongebob underwear was really crucial to the story I see

  6. Dakon The Messenger says:

    Oh my gosh that quote, “This is how I die.”
    My mind gets very panicked in stressful situations so I always think the worst. I would think the exact same thing.

  7. Mai Hull says:

    Why was her dad creeping outside her house at 4 AM? Mom is out of town, and you just assume your daughter is up to greet you? You are divorced, so I assume you don’t or no longer live in that house anymore…the man is a psychopath.

  8. Average Steve says:

    That James Harden reference😂 3:30

  9. The FNAF Blader says:


  10. JayAwesomeGames says:

    Moral of the story:
    Chilling by yourself in Sponge Bob undies > Netflix & Chill

  11. Mariely C6 says:

    Mah sWooZe! You watch PLL!?👏🏼😆
    Liars Forever!💋

  12. Mickie Sketches says:

    *_”I kick open the door. BOOM! WAKANDA FOREVER”_*

    😂😆😁 LMAO

  13. Daddy Fab says:

    I think swoozie is still a virgin

  14. Christian James says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Spongebob underwear sales spike by 200% after the making of this video.

  15. Loom Geek says:


  16. reagan wolf says:

    wtf is up with that thumbnail LOL

  17. WazzawProgram says:

    Get Out (2018)

  18. Trash Animations says:

    I always go to girls houses with tactical gear, cuz you never know what’s gonna go down

  19. YbKobii says:

    #2 on trending let’s get it‼️🔥

  20. The Person says:

    1:11 Dude! Your singing is fantastic 10/10
    You should be in America’s got talent!

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