My New Book, Marriage Advice, and Hamilton: 50 Snapchat Questions Answered!

My New Book, Marriage Advice, and Hamilton: 50 Snapchat Questions Answered!

In which John answers 50 questions he received via snapchat (where you can find him at johngreensnaps) on topics including his next book, the Looking for Alaska movie, the musical Hamilton, the status of Fireball Wilson Roberts, marriage advice, and his favorite season.

Thanks for the Question Tuesday questions, Snapchat! And thanks to Rosianna for graphics help:

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20 Responses

  1. Cassidie Jhones says:

    I was so stoked for your Crash Course with Lord of the Flies, but then I
    read the book. Well, about half of it.

  2. Camryn Atkinson says:

    The beer sword in the background???

  3. Elizabeth Lewis says:


  4. Seth R. says:

    Will there be an Abundance of Katherines movie any time soon???

  5. MrUtak says:

    Can John get away with the microseconds he passed after the 4th minute?!

  6. Robert says:

    “But there are so many GOOD books!” HOLY SAVAGE

  7. Isaac Davis says:

    omg the Spanish dad joke was tooooooo much

  8. Jaime Chiarini says:

    I hate socks, but I have the same Starbucks order. <3

  9. Ho Yan Law says:

    spoilers of Macbeth is still Not. Okay.

  10. drpattiethomas says:

    The spork is the greatest invention of the 20th century. I’m so
    disappointed in you John.

  11. Hannah Woodard says:

    Oh hey John we have the exact same Starbucks order.

  12. kcthewanderer says:

    I watch most every other channel at 1.5x. You amphetibros make me glad for
    the .5x option.

  13. Sarah Daly says:

    did you hear laurena segura’s new song?

  14. Hanatatami says:

    You should totally try Spanish :P

  15. Rob Wyllie says:

    I feel your pain about the braces. Shout out to the westie. He looked as
    disinterested as our bella is until there is food involved. Also I feel
    very self conscious about my comment with you being a writer.

  16. Sean Denny says:

    are you still part of the management of vidcon or has google taken all
    control from you and hank?

  17. Rachel Sun says:

    I can’t wait to see the crash course videos! I read Their Eyes Were
    Watching God in high school, and I recently bought One Hundred Years of
    Solitude (also could’ve read that in high school, but I chose a different
    book at the time.)

  18. Grace Saccoccio says:

    Vlogbrothers videos like this never fail to put a smile on my face! Thanks
    guys :)

  19. Maria de la Paz says:

    I love how he is holding or reading the book of Esther Earl (This star wont
    go out) when the question “what´s your favourite reading position?” comes
    in <3

  20. eDOG1117 says: