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16 Responses

  1. Capron Funk says:

    Feels like 2016 again but we’ve all learned a lot and are ready for the next chapter. Congratulations, so incredibly happy for you.

  2. Hypertroph says:

    Casey being back at these vlogs is god’s plan. This must continue!

  3. BoomTharis says:

    This just feels so right ❤

  4. andaluza10 says:

    Esta claro que la hermosa ciudad de Nueva York es tu musa, se te notaba que no estabas inspirado, ni feliz en Los Ángeles, me alegra tanto que estés de vuelta y sobre todo me alegra que seas feliz de nuevo.
    El rey de YouTube a vuelto!!!!! 👏😊😊😊💚.

  5. Sauce Stache says:

    WELCOME BACK!!!! Could you imagine having a whole city welcoming you back to your home… amazing dude! You’ve built a heck of a life man

  6. Jakerton says:

    LETS GOOOOOO, something about this is just making me feel complete again. WELCOME BACK CASEY.

  7. Steven says:

    The amount of nostalgia I got from this video is insane. Reminds me of watching Casey’s vids from 2012, me watching his daily vlogs back in High School and so much more. WELCOME BACK CASEY <3

  8. Emily Canham says:

    Candice is my spirit animal

  9. Maximilian Beier says:

    The energy Casey gives off is just so incredibly addictive!
    One feels in every moment of this video and even the videos before his excitement and the yearning for NYC. I was there only twice. Once in the summer and once for Christmas and it was the most inspiring time.
    Thanks for this energy Casey!

  10. r00000000bert _ says:

    It honestly sparks sooooo much joy in everybody’s hearts that Casey 1. started blogging again and 2. did it back where it all started for him and us! So glad he is back!

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