My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman | Trailer [HD] | Netflix

David Letterman is out of retirement and returning to television with a six-episode, 60-minute Netflix series — My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman. The first episode will premiere on Friday, January 12, 2018 with each subsequent episode streaming monthly from February to June. Dave’s lineup of influential guests includes George Clooney, Malala Yousafzai, Jay-Z, Tina Fey, Howard Stern and President Barack Obama.

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My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman | Teaser [HD] | Netflix

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46 Responses

  1. DominicanGlory says:

    That Beard though

  2. Samira Palacios says:

    157 views and 347 likes really YouTube 😂🤣

  3. Anubis RA says:

    Looking forward to it

    • Jon Robbins says:

      Me too…. I don’t really get into the nightly talk show type thing because I didn’t get into watching them every night. But this is a limited run format which might make it more tolerable…. plus I think Letterman is fun in small doses. I used to really enjoy Craig Ferguson and Conan O’Brien but even those I don’t watch really (although Ferguson, the one I liked the most, is now off the air). Anyways, I hope this is as good as I think it looks

    • Travis Bickle2.0 says:

      All beta cucks will like this deep state agiprop vehicle…

    • Bobby Vagene says:

      Jon Robbins
      Speaking of “me too” didn’t he use to fuck a lot of his interns? Wouldn’t that make him just another Harvey Weinstein? 🙄

    • A Olson says:

      Bobby Vagene #metoo is about rape, dumbfuck. Consensual sex isn’t rape.

    • Bobby Vagene says:

      A Olson
      The entire movement was started through Harvey Weinstein who used his power to get dumb bitches that wanted to further their career, which is exactly what David Letterman did. It turned into a rape movement through all the nasty horny little attention seeking sluts out there. Using it to their benefit either through sympathy, attention, or whatever. You know how women are. Just a bunch of typical white girl. Seriously, out of all of it there were only a handful of colored girls if that. Trendy bitches. Just because little Larry accidentally bumped into you in the hallway during 5th period in seventh grade doesn’t exactly mean you dumb bitches were raped. Though you do deserve it.

  4. Victor Perez says:


  5. Rashidas Mama says:


  6. Jordan Walker says:


    President of the United States is George Washington.

    • Brandon Bevill says:

      Jordan Walker
      If only that were true…

    • George Lincoln Rockwell Archive says:

      +Brandon Bevill

      It is true. The President’s job as it exists today, the head of the Executive Branch, the Commander in Chief of the military, was a position first held by George Washington. Before that there was a President of Congress only, a different and inferior position.

    • Jordan Walker says:

      George Lincoln Rockwell Archive | didn’t expect y’all to go that deep into it 😂😂

      (That’s what she said…)

  7. Fun Fact says:

    Yay letterman is back. Wish my mother was here to see this, she loved him soooo much.

  8. bunnyblurrz says:

    Lineup is great except for george clooney. I would love to hear Norm Macdonald, Jerry Seinfeld and Conan O’Brien.

  9. n8tvbrn ed a says:

    We want more Dave

  10. Artistry Artistry says:

    Watching this guy chit chat superficially with famous people? Uh didn’t he already do that for like 30 years?

  11. FocusMrbjarke says:

    Who? Haven’t seen him before

  12. K.F. Chow says:


  13. B. Jr. says:

    Letterman is the greatest of all time. Great guests except for the irrelevant Howard Stern, no one cares about him anymore.

  14. Some dude says:

    Netflix has just turned into a fawkin YUUUUGE purple meth hair SJW

    • Some dude says:

      I cancelled it prior to this . You literally saw the programming change when george soros bought 20million in netflix holdings .

      And now you have garbage like this /watch?v=VS08cWZrlQA

      All this crap did is vindicate my decision . I cancelled my satellite service 8 years ago now after the same sort of crap . It’s not just a few shows or a trailer or a commercial . Its the whole paradigm .

      There is literally nothing left in this world for me . And im just waiting for my turn to get off.

    • TheCommandoSnail says:

      Some dude you okay, man?

    • Some dude says:

      I’m good man thanks. How are you? Staying warm I hope.

    • Gerry Glasso says:

      Some dude Turn off the Alex Jones, snowflake. You’re so triggered.

    • rwatt5931 says:

      David Letterman is nothing but SJW, left-wing politics. Obama was the 44th Socialist president.

  15. vmm247 says:


  16. Bruno Reyna says:

    The king is back!!

  17. Michael says:

    Jesus Netflix, why not just buy NBC/CBS if you’re going to recycle the same old boring ass talent?

  18. jacmeade says:

    I love Dave but none of those people have anything interesting to say.

    • mukor galaxies says:

      A young woman who was shot in the head for trying to pursue an education as a female, and educate other girls, has nothing interesting to say? And love him or hate him, but BHO was sitting President for 8 years – that’s a pretty interesting job.

  19. ijustdontgiveadamn says:

    Nice bruh

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