My Parents Are Nomads And I’m So Tired

My Parents Are Nomads And I’m So Tired


This is Elaine, and she’s very tired. She almost certainly doesn’t have the worst problem you’ve heard about here. She still has both her parents, lots of friends, and good health. So what’s the big deal, you might ask? Well, the point is that her family has moved between 10 towns in 3 years, and now she just wants to have a rest!

Elaine ought to say a couple of words about her parents. They’re really cool, they’re funny and open-minded, they let her do anything she wants – essentially, they’re more like friends than parents to her. As far as she’s aware, before getting married they lived quite an interesting life, traveling the world as backpackers, living in tents and campers. When her mom got pregnant, they decided to get married and settle down in one place, which seemed like the right decision. Despite their hippie lifestyle, they come from rich families and both have quite a good education, so it wasn’t hard for them to find good jobs.

Ironically, Elaine is the complete opposite of her parents. She doesn’t like change, and she doesn’t like to move around a lot. She likes it when her friends and family are by her side, and she enjoys doing the same things every day – it gives her a feeling of safety. Sometimes, her parents laugh and say that she seems to be someone else’s child rather than theirs. Elaine herself sometimes even thinks that she’s a far more serious person than they are, but of course she still loves them a lot and can’t imagine better parents.

But there’s one thing that drives her crazy. Three years ago, her mom gave birth to her baby brother, and her dad got a new, better-paid job. The difference was that he had to move a lot from town to town, staying no more than 3-6 months in each place. Mom and dad were of course delighted by this turn of events – they would have the chance to return to their youth and live the nomadic lifestyle they adore the most. But Elaine was terrified. They couldn’t just let dad go off while the rest of the family remained in one place – being separated from your loved ones even for 3 months is too long. So they would have to follow him everywhere he went.

Elaine remembers packing her bags, and just crying – she was leaving behind everything that she loved so much – her friends, grandparents, everything. But her mom has always known how to comfort her effectively: “Don’t cry sweetie,. You’ll get to see the whole country, and if you’re lucky even the whole world! Life will be so interesting, and we’ll always be together!” Her mom won her over, and off they went into the world.

They were in city #1. Elaine went to a new school; she tried to socialize with new people; found a couple of youth clubs to join and all in all managed to establish a sense of regularity to her life once more. But as soon as she started enjoying it – ta-daaam! They were on the move again. She found herself crying and packing her bags again.

Any child would find this lifestyle tough, let alone a home bird like Elaine. First she tried her best to adapt. Then, she was desperate to leave. Then she became passive, and at some point didn’t even bother to talk to people in the latest school she found herself in – they would be temporary friends for her anyway. Naturally, her grades went down. At some point, Elaine fell into a kind of depression, preferring to stay home and not talk to anyone. Funnily enough, her friends list on social media was overflowing while she in reality had no one to talk to. Each new request from her parents to pack the bags now made her obey passively, and there were no longer any tears. Her mom became worried, and asked what was going on.

Elaine had been keeping it all inside for far too long. She burst into tears and started shouting that she couldn’t handle being a nomad anymore, that she wanted to go to university but her grades were hopelessly low, that she didn’t have a single close friend to talk to and that generally, she was scared to get close to people because she knew in advance that leaving them would be painful. Her mom looked puzzled. Can you imagine that it didn’t even occur to her parents that she might be unhappy? But for Elaine, it was so freaking obvious.

That’s how her parents made the hard decision to send her back to her grandparents to allow her to improve her grades at school, regain her social life, and all in all calm down emotionally. After all, it’s way better this way for everyone, even if she misses them a lot. The only thing she regrets is that she didn’t speak up and express her true feelings earlier, because she lost 3 years to suffering when she could have just talked to her parents and found a compromise.

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  2. AhmedZcraft Gamer says:

    Poor girl….She need a rest

    • crucisnh says:

      The poor girl needed parents who weren’t so selfish, and would grow the hell up and settle down for the sake of their kids, rather than liking like the nomadic 20-somethings of their youth.

    • Donni boi says:

      crucisnh not every parent has to do the same thing were not robots programmed to one type of lifestyle…unfortunatly, these people had a kid who HATES traveling but they could have just as easily had a child who loved it. For example, I myslef moved alot as a child and enjoyed it quite a bit. While, at times it was hard but i knew my parents were doing what was best for our family. I dont see how they are bad parents…a parent is required to feed their child and give them shelter, love and attention. Anything extra is truly just a plus, because parents are not perfect just as people are not perfect. You shouldn’t have to change your ENTIRE life just to suit your childs every SINGLE need and desire that will create a spoiled kid. When you become a parent you need to have a job with income so that you can pay for food, shelter and an educational you also need to have enough free time so you can give your child the attention it needs. Towards the end of the video it shows that the girl had NEVER told her parents about how the traveling effected her, and right shen she finally spoke up they immediately went ahead and fixed the problem. She’s with her grandparents until her dad can finish up his work and come home. NOTHING is selfish about that, what make beileve world are you living in where this is bad parenting have you actually ever witnessed a truly bad parent or expiernced one because if you had then you would know this was just a compicated situation not just simply “their bad bad bad selfish parents, burn them at the stake!!!” these days, people are so quick to say “abuse” or “bad parents” and it takes away from real abusive situations. so please re-analize and be carfeul before you label someone something as harmful as a bad parent this video is 5:35 minited long and only from the daughters biased POV you think thats enough information to know the whole situation, thats just ridicoulous. i have seen no evidence of bad parenting from this video, maybe unconventional but thats not inherintley a bad thing. of course I’m not saying their wonderul parents, because I dont know them personally so i have no idea…but nothing in this video show that their bad parents or selfish.

  3. Gvhb Gvfc says:

    Am i early
    Can you fine the odd one


  4. Panda Gaming says:

    *No one cares if you’re first for godsake*

  5. Howdy Roadies says:

    I know how she feels about the constant moving. My dad was in the military and it felt like as soon as I got comfortable we had to move…I got tired of saying to goodbye to everyone and didn’t even see the point in making new friends because I’d just leave them anyways. I’m glad he retired now because if I have to move one more time I will lose my shit

    • E Wotton says:

      My dads in the army but he’s going to retire in 5 years, we just move to England from America

    • Howdy Roadies says:

      +E Wotton was it hard for you too when u had to keep moving around

    • Chloe_jones616 says:

      My dad was in the military (he was a recruiter) we didn’t have to move but my dad would have to be in a different state a lot! He would be there for months at a time and that was really hard for us…… He had 3 strokes and retired. (He’s fine just blind on his right side half his brain stopped working so he can’t remember very much and he gets really really bad migraines)

    • E Wotton says:

      Howdy Roadies yeah, we normally moved every 1 or 2 years so by the time we left I was really close with my friends and since we were so far away from my family (grandparents and aunts etc) we only saw them for a couple of weeks every couple of years

  6. Lord Chilled says:

    I can’t believe they deleted my comment my situation 4 times worse and has affected me my entire life

    • DisIsMriam xOx says:

      +Keira Brodsky dude that was sarcasm can’t you take a joke?

    • Keira Brodsky says:

      +DisIsMriam xOx how is is sarcasm?

    • Keira Brodsky says:

      +Lord Chilled my parents always had explosive fights (punching, breaking walls, etc.) growing up. When I was 9, my mom found out my dad had been cheating. She moved us all to Japan. I thought my dad would visit that christmas. He died by suicide, he took a ton of painkillers, and drank a lot of alchohol, which overwhelmed his body and killed him. I remember we had talked on the phone the night before. I never forgot how he said “i love you” before he hung up. I never saw him again, and growing up, the guilt of feeling like I could’ve prevented his death destroyed me. I sank into depression; my dad was the closest person to me I ever knew. My mom also became depressed, and she became an alchoholic, and would beat me and my 3 brothers. She ended up dying of a stroke at 43. Me and my brothers lived in foster care, and we were so close, because they were my only family left. Then we were seperated. No family would adopt 4 children. That was the last time I saw my brothers. It didn’t help that I never had friends growing up, and had severe ADHD, anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. It made going to school extremely frustrating. Of coure, life eventually got better when I moved out.

    • Lord Chilled says:

      Keira Brodsky well I’m sorry but this isn’t a contest to see who had shitter life

    • Sarah Weekes says:

      +Keira Brodsky that is messed up and you deserve to be able to tell your story, but this isnt a contest.. and even if itws technically worse doesnt mean theyre prolems dont deserve help and to be hear as well.

  7. The Legend says:

    Storybooth: best animated stories.

    ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Hold my beer.

  8. SoniasWay says:

    Making new friends once is so hard for me, forget doing that so often 😳
    ……. Anyway, I also tell stories in my videos, just trying to help in my own werid way 🤓

  9. Gaming And DIY With Roxanne says:

    It’s funny how none of the comments r related to the video

  10. 63I0DYL4N • says:

    the lipsync is off timing .-.

  11. Lil Jupiter says:

    Your name is Lame? Jesus i fell bad for you!

  12. YoungBoy _ Damian says:

    Not gonna lie, this story is kind of weak compared to the other ones

  13. oh hecc says:

    *oh shoot rich hippies*

  14. Mr. McCree says:

    Plot twist: Her grandparents move to a new city next.

  15. Stumped says:

    I mean, she must have developed really good social skills, at this point she could probably become friends with anyone lmao

  16. Odollete Blue says:

    Your problem is someone else’s dream!

  17. Elizabeth Ferguson says:

    Soooooooo what ever happened to her brother??

  18. SIX PATHS OF RAMEN says:

    Ok can my recommend feed NOT be spammed with depressing stories? Thank you

  19. Willy's Toys says:

    For the *1%* of people randomly scrolling through the comments…

    Have a great week and a happy Thanksgiving ❤👍

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