My Post-Election Thoughts

My Post-Election Thoughts

In which John Green discusses the outcome of the 2016 election, the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency, the astonishing and beautiful persistence of hope among humans, and offers somewhat lost thoughts on where to go now.
People quoted in this video include: Saladin Ahmed
Kamala Harris:
Lin-Manuel Miranda:
Emily Dickinson: She doesn’t have a social media account.

Thanks also to Rosianna Halse Rojas, Hank, Sarah Green, Ilene Cooper, and my old friend Marie for thoughts that went into this video. Any mistakes or errors in fact or judgment are mine alone.

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20 Responses

  1. jennahaor02 says:

    I’m so scared. When I read the comments for Trump’s victory speech, all the
    comment we’re hate on Muslims.

  2. stiimuli says:

    I honestly cannot fathom how this can happen.
    I honestly cannot fathom how all the polls could be SO wrong.
    I honestly cannot fathom how anyone could vote for this train wreck of a
    human being.
    I am honestly frightened about whats to come.

    I am not joking. I cannot remember ever being this afraid.

  3. wolf wing says:

    ironicly trump won for all the right reasons, it just should have been for
    someone like bernie.

    Voting for trump was like voting a mafia don for police comissioner because
    your sick of police corruption.

  4. Nigel Chin says:

    Hang in there, well wishes from asia. Watch the videos by Van Jones
    interviewing various supporters in Gettysburg. It’s quite enlightening. All
    the best, sir.

  5. Liza Latysheva says:

    This made me tear up as the end.

  6. Anata No Senei says:

    Echo chambers are the reason our country is falling apart! You get in your
    little community and you block yourself off from the rest of the world and
    their thoughts, it’s why no one expected Trump to win because they were in
    their own little echo chamber. Listen to other peoples ideas and listen to
    the reasons why, if you don’t expand your way of thinking you’re doomed to
    be held up by faulty logic supported by like minded individuals. I voted
    for Johnson btw I’m not a Trump supporter but if you were paying attention
    it was clear that Hillary’s campaign strengthened the resolve of Trump
    supporters and her rhetoric pushed a lot of people away, in the end she
    tried to relate to the SJW crowd and she came short. This was not a

  7. LieutenantPants says:

    I realize that this is a huge setback for the liberal minded people of the
    US. But on the other hand it had the effect that politicians in my own
    country in Europe are saying: “Well now WE have to stand up for Democracy
    and human rights and being just to everybody even more. Let’s make this a
    sign that we can do better.” It gives me hope that my own government still
    holds on to its ideals, no matter how much it derailed in the last years.
    Stay strong, people of the USA, in the end it’s the everyday acts of the
    common folk that make or break a country, not those voted into office.

  8. vlogbrothers says:

    Gentle reminder: Nerdfighteria, if you don’t want the comment section to be
    full of poor-quality discourse, you have a magic weapon: THE +. (That said,
    I’m totally replying to baiting comments, so I’m a terrible example!) And
    please take care of yourself. I’m going to read an actual book this evening
    rather than trying to ride the wave of endless information online. -John

  9. Do you like my Nickname? I've made you waste 5 sec says:

    Last time I was this early, Hilary was leading the polls.

  10. jim bob says:

    Here is the problem I see. What if you *do* reach out to other people and
    treat them as an equal but *they* are irrational? I know that stinks of
    bias but…what if you come out of your echo chamber but they wont leave

  11. Nightenstaff says:

    It wasn’t about electing Trump in large part, it was about not electing
    more of the same. Most Americans feel our Government is not doing the will
    of the people, but instead the will of the elite. I disagree strongly with
    many of Clinton’s view points and I do feel the email server held a lot of
    secrets she purposefully destroyed, but I was still rooting for her because
    I *feared* the alternative. I greatly fear we will now be led to war and
    economic ruin. That said, I understand why he won. This is the people
    willing to face the unknown rather than accept more of the same.

  12. Rachel Pang says:

    A friend of mine said that one candidate represents what’s wrong with the
    government & the other represents what’s wrong with society.

  13. How to Adult says:

    Hey, everyone. I love you. Just wanted to let you know, okay?

    Holding the line,

  14. Sayuas says:

    Religion is not what you are, but what you believe.

  15. hksin11186 says:

    John looks particularly haggard this afternoon. Not that I blame him.

  16. AmazedSoul says:

    Sad for all the 11 million undocumented immigrants who didn’t have a voice
    today, but pay the taxes, and work in this country, and are here for a
    better future.

  17. Alexis Veron says:

    If hillary won all those videos would adresss the same problems or would
    they be happy ending of the election wohoo we defeated the monster?

  18. Jenny Sweeney says:

    I’m not gonna lie, I teared up at your delivery of that poem. My hope
    continue to soar forevermore!

  19. Maxwell Shin says:

    To the party that won, congratulations. To the parties that lost, my
    condolences. To those who voted, thank you. To those who did not, I hope
    you will next time. To those who voted third party/independent
    specifically, I applaud you for standing for what you believe in no matter
    what others have said. I am a human being. I am an American. I will not be
    defined solely on who runs the country that I live in. I believe that
    people are defined by the actions that they create. I also believe that
    people are defined even more by how they face the consequences of their
    actions. The world is not fair, it is not perfect, and it is an extremely
    dark and terrible place. But, the world can be great, it can be amazing,
    and it can be better. I want to be better. I want to prove to the world, to
    god, to the universe, and to myself that I can be better. I want to do good
    in this world, and I hope that whoever reads this wants to do good as well.
    The future is not set in stone. I will patiently await to see what these
    four years have in store for our country and for our world. To those that
    this election effects the most, I will stand with you. To the people that
    voted independent or really anyone who made and educated decision I thank
    you so much. Our lives are always changing. I believe it was Confucius who
    said: “I learn one thing and I understand everything”. To that I say, I
    learn one thing and yet I have everything to learn. To the ones that did
    not expect defeat I truly am sorry. But, look to this not just a defeat but
    as an opportunity. The bell for the match has rung. For now, rest up, heal,
    grow, and learn. So when that bell rings for the next round and you emerge
    from your corner of the ring, come back with a vengeance and come into it
    swinging. To those who voted third party/independent who may doubt their
    decisions, I want to tell you something. No matter what anyone says, no
    matter what you see on social media or on the news, your vote matters. It
    will always matter. Your voice, your opinion, your thoughts, they all
    matter. One of my biggest fears is that I have no mouth and I must scream.
    If you believe that you wasted your vote then you are correct. It is always
    difficult to stand for what you believe in but it is always harder when
    there is no one beside you. Stand strong, stand for what you believe in,
    fight for what you hold dear, and do not give up when hope seems gone. I am
    a human being. I am an American. I will not be defined solely by the person
    that runs the country I live in. I want to be better. I want to do good. I
    have a mouth and I will scream until I cannot.

  20. rorrykeys says:

    I always wondered how John is able to convey a message without complicating
    it. Great video John. I love your opinions and I am glad that you are able
    to address this problem, which needs to be solved.