My Progress in Men’s Haircuts

My Progress in Men’s Haircuts

Here’s the link to the lovely and helpful video I watched to learn how to do this (the best I can lol IM TRYING ALRIGHT)

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35 Responses

  1. Alia K says:

    Julien: “Is it cool if I shave my chest while you do that”

  2. Robert Johns says:

    Peach should pay for Julien’s haircut, she has all of the money.

  3. Luke E says:

    Hey Jenna! Little tip from a hairdresser: if you really wanna assert dominance over your client, grab their head with your off head and move it to your will

    • Foxxy Breyer/Katniss Horse Productions says:

      do that “what do you have in your mouth” for pets but it’s just Julien and instead of holding his mouth open you just hold it shut

    • Jay Tjardez says:

      jenna asserts enough dominance outta frame Luke don’t tip the scales too far

  4. Kiana Fatahian says:

    Jenna is so desensitized to juliens shenanigans that she said, “this is actually relaxing”

  5. nathalie miller says:

    “u would never have to cut ur hair if u washed it with nair”
    can’t wait for that to become the official nair slogan

  6. Song Lyrics says:

    8:01 “Julien, God made you special” which is hilarious and cute, but the tiny head kiss after was the cutest thing

  7. Sha[Na]Leaaa says:

    I love Julien, but as a hairstylist, I’m just thinking about what it would be like trying to cut a clients hair who acted like this, and I’m getting the most anxiety I’ve had in 2020 so far. And that’s saying something, if you know what I mean.😂

  8. MadsterDactyl says:

    Jenna with a spray bottle: revenge of the virgo.

  9. Sara Lieben says:

    They’d be so cute together. It’s too bad they’re just friends.

  10. ELIZA D says:

    Julian: yAh – sTooL TiMe !

  11. Jenna Sullivan says:

    More professional advice:

    Flick your clippers up and out, never go at it straight and “digging” the clippers into the head. Also, remember your clippers can do more than open and close, you can also open them as much as you want in little steps to get a really clean blend.

  12. Mia Rose says:

    The longer that quarantine goes on, the higher Julien’s aries energy grows. It’s exponential growth too.

  13. Valerie Perez says:

    When Jenna touches his neck and he can’t sit still….

    …I felt that.

  14. Tsushi Roll says:

    constructive criticism: Give him NyQuil and do it when he passes out.

  15. Catrina Tulowiecki says:

    “sorry my watch was in airplane mode, I’m surprised it hasn’t flown away” …… I would have given up right there and walked away😂

  16. Emma Gallagher says:

    Julien-“What’s your favorite kind of fart”
    Jenna-“shut UP”

  17. Supbruh says:

    Those 200 + people that disliked are just mad they can’t have a haircut

  18. Mango L says:

    I think the most “frustrating” thing about Julien is he’s constantly spitting facts

  19. C Molloy says:

    julian is acting like a crying baby and if he doesn’t get a haircut he’ll die

  20. Morgan Glenn says:

    If there is anyone in the world that DOESN’T need a red bull, it’s Julen.

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