My Quest for the Worst Secret Menu Item

My Quest for the Worst Secret Menu Item

In this video follow my quest to find the worst secret menu item that may or may not exist. The dark council will never stop our journey!


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45 Responses

  1. Enrique Aquiahuatl says:

    I’m sorry, but calling a combination of several menu items a secret menu item is like calling pissy shities a secret item.
    What I mean by this is that you will not complete your journey until you face the pissy shities

  2. jschlattLIVE says:

    Great video Ted! I just wish your quest to find the worst secret menu item didn’t have to include busting both of my kneecaps open with a baseball bat.

  3. TheSwagUnicorn says:

    As a management member at Dairy Queen I can assure you there is no Dark Council that sends us daily emails with death threats to our families, and the traditional employees do not have mandatory “therapy” sessions where they take a nice “reset”. There is nothing beyond the menu in front of you, looking past that may produce displeasing results.

  4. Vancouver Williams says:

    i’m only 8 minutes in but as a food worker i do appreciate that you can clearly see that they didn’t bother any of these places during their rush hour asking for weird shit.

  5. Don Coladangelo says:

    Anyone else blown away by the fact that taco bell can have a menu consisting of 6 ingredients and still somehow constantly be the topic of videos like this.

  6. Silver_David says:

    There’s something so chillingly intimidating about a fast food worker asking “are you sure?”

  7. Nick21 says:

    I can’t believe Tucker isn’t just a disembodied voice, my reality has been shattered.

  8. Melt says:

    The guy at Burger King was playing dumb, they had that ham and cheese in there I know it

  9. yknow gabby says:

    I love that Ted is known as “The Podcast Guy.” Thats what that person recognized you for- as if you haven’t been to every Rainforest Cafe location in North America (+Canada)

  10. Ddude Gaming says:

    The way Ted created the Dark Council storyline added so much to this video, brilliant videomaking

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