My Random Thoughts (James Edition)

My Random Thoughts (James Edition)

Random = Funny (?) lol XD rofl roflcopter lmao (dabs) Sorry I don’t know what to put here
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Dont ask why there was a blank frame at 00:14 it was premiere’s fault.


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20 Responses

  1. thuzie says:

    I live in Tennessee. And I don’t say dat.

  2. FantasyOreo says:

    ive always thought that the devil was gay. is that just me who thinks that?

  3. fatema mirza says:

    Hey James,
    In your video you drew a male mosquitoe drinking blood but only female mosquitoes suck blood sooooooooooooo😏….
    (Love your videos😆)

  4. Brent Cox says:

    But male mosquitos don’t drink blood

  5. Idalyz Vazquez says:

    I think hairless animals are kinda cute

  6. Super Toast YT says:

    with this video you might aswell change your name to jamesdenanimations

  7. One you JimIN You Can't JimOUT says:

    Where does bts keep their ARMYs? Up J hopes snakeu’s

  8. Eggo Doggo says:

    Actually humans aren’t hairless we have it in all of our body small hairs

  9. April Rose says:

    In Philippines, when it rains, we call it ‘traffic’.

  10. thismakesnosense says:

    Yup.He has a crush on jaiden

  11. Daisy Apple says:

    Have you ever thought we could be sims controlled by mysterious creatures from another planet?

  12. Im Hungry says:

    James:What Time Is It?

  13. Code G.U.S. 21 says:

    0:44 read it all

  14. TheBloodyBlackSmith says:

    Hay I’m from RI

    Is anyone else cuz if you are get the fuck over here and say hi

  15. Galactic Panda says:

    You know what we call raining in the UK

    It’s everyday bro

  16. LPS SugarPaws says:

    WAIT HOLD ON A SEC…..YOU’RE A FURRY?! My favorite youtuber is a furry :,)

  17. Ciel Phantomhive says:

    On the clock part he got the time wrong, if it was a quarter to 8 it would be 7:35. Because 35+25 is 60, he has the clock at 7:45.

  18. The future elboi says:

    james is a furry???

  19. Evan Edinger says:

    Wait I coulda sworn it was the devil is BEATing his… oh yeah nvm just got to that part of the video hahaha

  20. Zak Mcallister says:

    Subscribe for minecraft letsplays

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