My Reaction To My Fight Against Slim

My Reaction To My Fight Against Slim


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24 Responses

  1. Bob Abooey says:

    He’s actually hurting himself with these excuses. Boxing is a mental sport.

  2. M M says:

    With all due respect after getting knocked down you stood up and your legs were moving like swarmz in the ring

  3. Li'l Wil says:

    Don’t forget that Slim only had a two week camp. If he had a full camp you would have suffered far more damage. Be humble in defeat. You will come back from this

    • Bbilling-BS says:

      Yea buddy Slim has been boxing more then twice as long as Temperr, even on two week notice it shouldn’t make a difference, and slim already had another training camp not too long before the two week notice, like Slim said, boxing takes time to learn, example, someone who has years of experience with only two weeks notice should destroy someone that only has a little bit more than a year, It was a pretty even fight then slim had that knockdown of the fight which had the fight to end on the refs decision, and it wasn’t a proper knockout either, if it was a knockout Temperr wouldn’t have gotta back up, fair play to Slim, but Temperr you’ve got this bro, make a stronger comeback

    • abo7med Games says:

      @X im sorry but this is the dumbest response i have ever seen,two weeks is barely anytime,he might not have forgotten boxing but if he had more time his technique and power wouldve been even better,if anything tommy should thank his lucky stars slim was a last min opponent

    • X says:

      He congratulated slim for the victory so he is humble and slim has boxed before he was 3-0 right? You don’t just forget how to box so having two weeks to prep means nothing

  4. allen mbuyamba says:

    Sometimes you just got to accept defeat. You got knocked the hell out.

  5. Gren Li says:

    That was a brilliant stoppage by the ref.. if he would have let you continue he wouldn’t have been doing his job properly at all. He did what was necessary to protect you despite you surprisingly beating the count and being keen to continue which I have a tonne of respect for. Most people who got rocked half as bad as that would have stayed on the canvas i.e swarmz.. the excuses aren’t a good look but I get you recorded this video almost immediately after the fight and emotions were still running high but next time in a similar situation id just give the opponent their props and thank the supporters and leave it there. Nobody remembers the reasons why you lost they just know you won or lost despite surrounding factors. Good effort though and I look forward to seeing you back out there again 👏🏽

  6. Celestial Mind says:

    No. Slim absolutely overpowered and overwhelmed you. There was no way you could have countered him by out boxing him. You were slower and conservative. Slim’s tactic was surprising but brilliant. You need acknowledge that and be ready the next time someone else tries to overwhelm you with volume and tenacity.

  7. zavageking says:

    His coach out here making excuses lol “threw you in there with a guy with 3x more experience than you” bro it’s someone with 1 fight vs someone with 3 🤣 acting like it’s 10 fights vs 30 smh

    • omar queensc says:

      Apparently slim also had a surgery and fought on 2 weeks notice,bruh imagine making excuses against that lol.

    • Obinna Odoemenam says:

      And when slim brought up his experience in the face to face temper response was ” you fought plumbers, my one opponent is better then your resume” which is true so there’s no excuses

  8. JP says:

    Bro respect for stepping in there, in all honesty you weren’t ready to continue. The refs job is to protect fighters, you don’t have multiple experience of coming back from getting rocked and therefore there is no reason to allow you to receive more damage by allowing you to continue. That’s what would have happened, you don’t have the experience to defend yourself properly after getting hurt. The ref saved you from getting seriously injured

  9. FlameZ says:

    Alright im gonna be real say it how it is, Sensei got robbed and you got mauled it was a good job they saved you bro don’t make excuses.

  10. StyleS says:

    Don’t blame Sensei for ur lost tho u should of took that anger into ur fight and knew what could happen bro but don’t give up go again just know what to do this time

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