My regrets from high school theater ft. @Caleb Hyles

My regrets from high school theater ft. @Caleb Hyles

Listen to Sat on the Floor:
▶ Caleb Hyles:








Laddi – scene setup

Delaney – keys

Bella – in-betweens

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25 Responses

  1. illymation says:

    did anyone else’s cast bring unforgivable teenage chaos to Waffle House after third night or was that just us

    • hatsunemissie says:

      dairy queen for us

    • confused b says:

      we had dennys, those poor employees hearing the beginning of lion king past midnight

    • gay flower says:

      YES ABSOLUTELY. for us there’s a diner nearby that we always go to for cast parties and omg just recently for our theater camp we told the waiter to split the bill six ways because some of the people were paying together but we didn’t realize that that meant they were compiling the whole cost and then splitting it evenly. it took a solid forty five minutes to sort out and needless to say we left a huge tip.

    • Milly Maker says:

      Nah, it was a denny’s

    • Hay bell says:

      Umm illy is cast ok 😶

  2. CandyAlchemist says:

    I’m absolutely screaming at the gender March Hare and, while barely recovering, you hit me with the “straightest thing I’ve ever done”. This video killed me and then brought me back to life 😂😂😂

  3. D-Kim Animation says:

    In my high school theater experience, I got casted as the Dormouse in “Alice in Wonderland” and had only one line to say during the whole play. 🎭🎭After that, I got a miniature trophy for taking that role. 👏👏

  4. ♥Eq girl♥ says:

    The among us imposter sound when illy said “theatre kids are everywhere” just did it for me 😂 love the creativity, effort and thought that you put into every video!!

  5. wishingri says:

    i’m actually really glad you made this video. i’m going to audition for drama club this year and i’m really nervous about it. now i know to face my fear of failure!

    • Ignorant1 says:

      I’ve been in my drama class for 5 years and I have never regretted it. Sure, theatre kids are a bunch of overly talkative twits but you’ll definitely make some amazing memories out of it 🙂

    • Rising-Jay says:

      Ye! Keep that champ mindset 👌

  6. LayDrawzThings says:

    “That’s gotta be the straightest thing I’ve ever done.” Frickin hell Illy, way to make me laugh🤣

  7. Tahrae The storyteller says:

    They actually watched the movie but didn’t get the characters names (Penny, Velma and Amber)

    Also it was really impressive that your theatre department got such a glow up
    Considering places like Bumf**k Nowhere, North Carolina (those are in fact her words, go watch their Christmas video if you don’t believe me) the arts are pretty undervalued compared to sports
    I would know, I live in a tiny town in Eastern Washington
    And despite being next door to the eighth wonder if the world, we didn’t have a theatre department
    Only the Missoula Children’s Theatre that would come by once a year (whose plays were super clumsily written it was painful preforming them)

    Also all of Batman’s sons were always Robin
    The closest would be Batgirl, Robin/sometimes Batman depending on the artist love interest
    And daughter of commissioner Gordon

  8. Moss says:

    I’m glad my drama club has always done auditions like you do a monologue, any monologue, and then you get cast as whatever the director wants you to be. Took away a lot of anxiety for everyone.

    • Ignorant1 says:

      Since we have a production each year in my class as a type of end-of-semester project, the teacher gets to know us well enough to see where the talents lie for casting, so we never really have auditions 😅

    • blackswan4ever says:

      I mean, it makes sense. They cast you where you think you’d be best. I’ve gotten minor roles and some ensemble roles in my plays and musicals.

    • RDenk says:

      my high school is pretty similar. we sing a song from the show and we read a monologue from the show and then they cast who they want as certain roles

  9. LordCatwich says:

    This summer I (a middle schooler) did a production of Matilda as a part of this theater program and it was amazing! I had a side role though, and I imagine that the first day of knowing my role- those emotions were very similar to Illy’s lol

  10. PaxxtonTheVibeKing says:

    The chaos my middle school theater brought to Culver’s after closing night still haunts the poor acne ridden employees. They tell stories of that day like a scary tale in horror movies.

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