My Response

My Response

My statement about hate groups supporting me:

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20 Responses

  1. JAYYXDOPPE * says:

    The real question is where’s Friday with pewdiepie?

  2. Simone eli says:

    pubey pie is a pussy fuck you and your fans

  3. Kofu H. says:

    53,338,929 subscribers > a couple thousand brain-dead journalists.

    Love you poods. <3

  4. hey says:

    “Wow, you’re good at making up stories. You should be an author.” -A tweet by Joakim Jørgensen in response to J.K Rowling’s BS.

  5. Dredd Vader W says:

    Bro this is really sad. You need to adjust a little. Stay low profile for a while…

  6. Splashless Clorox bleach says:

    why the media on pewds tip

  7. Old Man says:

    Yeah Pewdiepie, you are a neo nazi and its the media’s fault…

    Hail Hitler, right?

  8. Stephen Fleming says:

    Religion is a joke anyway, I don’t see any problem here

  9. DaPlayerofgames says:

    *#1 on trending!*

  10. hannahsaadorablecat says:

    everyone needs to chill!

  11. KappaKay says:

    If they can’t take a joke, then it sucks for them. We are called the Bro Army for a reason, we have been here to stick with you, and we won’t leave just because your joke got out of context by other people. We can all fight it together. :))

  12. Narda queen says:

    is it me or does pewdiepie look like justin beiber

  13. joethetimelord says:

    Fight these assholes. The media’s been getting away with this smear bullshit for far too long.

  14. daniel garcia says:

    racizt bitch

  15. Billee Quintanilla says:

    I feel so bad for pewds. Like why is he getting attacked for making jokes ?

  16. Jane Gumball says:

    Great response, Felix. You’re doing so well under the pressure of all of this BS.

  17. Lord Vega says:

    My Nigga

  18. llamasaway says:

    I just want to help you! But I have NO power against all this :/

  19. Ingo Payens says:

    fuck u harry potter

  20. SnorkFlirt says:

    he looks so aryan today! kawaii

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