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North Korea is the most isolated nation on earth! I’m trying to focus on positive things in the country and combat the purely negative image we see in the Media. I advise you to do your own research on the DPRK. These videos are from one perspective of what we are being shown and experience whilst here. (This is not a government sponsored trip)
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20 Responses

  1. Richard D'Crus says:

    a great response from my previous question. it’s honestly a great video and
    I wish I had the opportunity to do something like what you just done. we
    all hope north Korea will slowly open up and make amend to the confusion
    that is happening right now.

  2. Kelly Drury says:

    I could have sworn that I survived you in Poppins the cafe, in Gilllingham
    Dorset? Was that you @funforlouis

  3. receo11 says:

    What a Nancy.

  4. Emma Nyborg-Vedsted says:

    I think that you are right Louis. Yes we know what we have seen in
    documentaries, but we have to look at what we ourselfs is seeing. As you
    said, you know what might happen in the rooms that you weren’t seeing, but
    so what! You came to North Korea to make new friends, experience new
    adventures and see a new country, not to tear down the new country you are
    in. I myself would love to go there, and yeah I know what is going on, but
    hey, it’s the same as in other countries. When I were in Russia, I talked
    to a woman, and she herself was against Putin, but that didn’t stop her
    from making friends from other countries, just as you are against the ideas
    the government have in North Korea doesn’t stop you from making Friends.
    I thougt that it were some amazing vlogs and I were exited to see them
    evevry day.

  5. junior choe says:

    Dude next you should put a spin on the positives of nazi Germany’s or maybe
    all the good Isis does for the world… Wait maybe you should go visit Isis

  6. Nerv ClaX says:

    You like North Korea so much? Stay. No matter how many choreographed
    relationships you build with pawns of the regime, they are powerless to
    change anything.

    If anything, you’re giving false hope to those who think North Korea can be
    reasoned with.

  7. LuvCali28 says:

    Did you all know that Kim Jong Un is a huge fan of the NBA and is/was
    friends with Dennis Rodman until the American people gave Rodman crap for
    it? He invited Rodman over to hang out…

  8. VICKY ZUÑIGA says:


  9. Juan Gonzalez says:

    kwebblekop let himself

  10. Matt says:

    Isn’t it illegal to film in North Korea?

  11. 이로콤 says:

    As a korean, i can tell that the places you visited are for only rich
    people in North Korea. So much people are suffering with food problem. I do
    not show any offense but this video might place wrong perspectives to

  12. Alice Scott says:

    Ignore the haters Louis, I still love your videos and think you’re doing an
    amazing job. Keep on doing what you’re doing. :)

  13. SuperJDis says:


  14. Michael Denny says:

    I am a long time subscriber but going to N. Korea is a bridge too far!
    Unsubscribing now. If you had just gone there for humanitarian reasons OK,
    but you used this trip to profit for your channel it seems. Inexcusable!

  15. XxCRAZYI3E4RSxX says:

    TBH I thought the vlogs were good and interesting, and never realised that
    there was this much drama surrounding the place that you visit. I think
    continue doing what your doing, keep uploading the vlogs and don’t worry
    about the accusations and criticisms you receive.

  16. Vanessa Flood says:

    He’s an entertainer not a journalist tho?!? He did a wonderful jobs with
    his vlogs

  17. Richard Northwood says:

    Stay strong. Your video shows the truth – that ordinary people are good and
    the same the whole world over. However, it is the narcissists, psychopaths
    and fevered egos who fight to the top of their domestic ideology and
    consolidate power – they have more in common with each other than
    ourselves. You have merely heard from those fevered egos. Keep up the good

  18. M Stew says:

    Never mind the haters… Enjoy what you are doing!

  19. Jack Hiers says:

    he is actually being paid by CS:GO Lotto

  20. Tankie Gamer says:

    You are a nice guy, I am subbing.