My robot double sells out (so I don’t have to)

My robot double sells out (so I don’t have to)

Thanks to Engineered Arts! | AD: 👨‍💻 NordVPN’s best deal is here: – with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Edited by Dave Stevenson

I haven’t been able to do VPN advertising for a long time. Well, this one time, I don’t have to: because the robot double’s going to do it for me.

With many thanks to all the team at Engineered Arts who worked on this. To be clear, this is not sponsored by them, I paid money (technically, NordVPN’s money) for the Mesmer robot — or at least, for the silicone mask and 3D printed skull that were put together for just one day!

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26 Responses

  1. Tom Scott says:

    Don’t worry, the robot double has been fully decommissioned. It is absolutely not writing this comment instead of actual Tom.

  2. Evan Edinger says:

    This is SO incredibly creepy but also SO incredibly cool

  3. immerdieserJos says:

    This was just Tom Scott presenting us the old prototype version of himself.
    Turns out he’s actually been Tom Bot all along

  4. DilandDuck101 says:

    The way the robot moved, looked to the side and then nodded in agreement with Tom was just
    Incredible, that was the most realistic and natural thing it did

  5. CORE Inc. says:

    I feel like their latest robot is actually really close to getting out of the uncanny valley, the absolutley NAILED the way the eyes moved, all they need now is to focus on the mouth

  6. Hobie 1 says:

    I think one of the big issues with humanoid robots is we don’t just speak with our jaw. We speak with our jaw, tongue, and lips. No robot has all of those moving at the same time, or they just don’t get it right. Until then, ultra realistic humanoid robots will just be flat out creepy.

    • Thomas Christensen says:

      Honestly the main reason my brain finds the robot creepy is how the eyelids go inside the skull when it opens its eyes instead of just kinda sitting on top of the eye being all wrinkly like they do with humans

    • Hellsong89 says:

      I think its more to do with the eyes. Essentially what you are looking at reanimated corpse with death glee in its eyes and that is the biggest thing that kills the realism and yes secondly the jaw talking, but i recall those are being developed as we speak.

    • Bosstown Dynamics says:

      @R. L. Dodson In fairness, the super advanced one they showed did have lip movements, I suspect that the fact this is a one shot means they didn’t set it up with 100% facial control which would require connection of tons of actuators to the silicone face.

    • ZT1ST says:

      For me, what seemed off (And possibly intentionally so) is the eyelid movement. Either it needs to move faster, or not much at all.

    • LotharTheFellhanded says:

      That is the big thing I noticed during the ad read.

      Wait. I watched the whole ad read.


  7. S O O C says:

    Tom meeting his robot felt like a twist on a horror movie, truly unearths undiscovered emotions

  8. zeesiiij says:

    The end shot was predictable, but well worth it to see for the added freakout relief that robots are sentient “now!! Great video Tom, so surreal!

  9. Al Koholik says:

    You just know that even at the robot factory of the future, they had to make two take for that USB plugging to be smooth.

  10. 14th Smeghead says:

    Comforting to know that we’re apparently still quite a ways off from robots being able to fool us.

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