My School Dress Codes

My School Dress Codes

A look into the incredibly strict and weird dress codes I had in middle school and high school.

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52 Responses

  1. Hobo Joey319 says:

    My dad got me a fortnite shirt for Christmas

    The pestering never stops

  2. Dessin Annie says:

    My school has a uniform so everyone looks the same. And legitimately EVERYONE Hates it.

  3. Atomicbomb345 :-D says:

    Both of my favorite YouTube animators have uploaded today!

  4. Panic! AtMyBrain says:

    I have the same dress code as your middleschool 🙁

  5. Georgianna Keasler says:

    Wow good grief that dress code sounds stupid and I love being the good kid ❤️?

  6. Luke Perkins says:

    You, James, and Shgurr have uploaded today….

    Thank the animation gods!

  7. Burger boi says:

    It’s… It’s a sticker

    Edit: omg this is a lot of likes
    For me….

  8. Cassandra Cadwell says:

    Your videos are really funny and I think this one is the funniest♡♡♡:D:D

  9. MsShadowPokemon says:

    At 2:43 is that a Markiplier and Jacksepticeye cloak brand reference??? Awesome

  10. LuLuCrazyPants says:

    I’ll be in middle school next school year! So I’ll watch this 20 times!

  11. Mya's Animation Room says:

    Shgurr, Let me Explain Studios, and the TheOdd1sOut uploaded? FRICK YEAH!

  12. Eggmon - says:

    Think the below knee skirts are bad? There are schools that have to wear skirts TO THE ANKLES!(I didn’t attend one but some of my friends did.)

  13. Danny Westbrooks says:

    I hate the dress code

    You thought there was a punchline didn’t you?

  14. The Animated Gaming Fox says:

    What do you think about Into The Woods?

  15. Jill Landry says:


    Person in the background’s sigh: I MADE A SIGN

    Me: * aHeM * that’s me

  16. Hey it’s Zeze says:


    Wait.. I saw that animation before!!

    Bonus if you’ve seen this before

  17. Not Ava says:

    * wears Disney shirt that looks like a college shirt *

    *SNEAK 100*

  18. Radian says:

    There’s a thing called “uniforms” in every school here in the magical Islands of the Uk.

  19. Maeve Healey says:

    All of my favorite animators are uploading today.

    The world is ending.

  20. Galaxy Playz says:

    i dont need to worry cause im homeschooled UwU
    i could wear a onesie if i wanted (i dont have one tho)

    • Gacha Sami says:

      Galaxy Playz why r U homeschooled I told my parents if I can get homeschooled and they hit me LOL

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