My School Friend was an Art Thief

My School Friend was an Art Thief

Here’s the story about my first experience with an art thief!

Thank you to SweetoTOONS for editing for me ;w;

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67 Responses

  1. cool gamer kid says:

    Wow she was such a drama queen that’s not nice to steel u drawings if she wanted them to not ask??

  2. Shadow Blazer says:

    Deviantart is one strange place.

  3. Unknown Anonymous says:

    Come back to Quotev >~< You need to judge the Art competition

  4. FloofieCupcake says:

    I know this is not relevant to the story, but this reminded me of something. So here it goes. I used to draw A LOT in kindergarten. One time I was supposed to finish my morning work (but I didn’t yet), so my teacher let me finish it while my classmates sat down on the carpet. And it was almost Christmas so after I finished my morning work (or so I thought..), I started drawing on the back if my paper of me and my family making a snowman. After a few minutes my teacher came to see if I was done yet, but it turns out, I got in trouble xD. The whole class was staring at me and I felt so embarrassed, that the back of my head was BURNING. I got “silent lunch” when we went to lunch and I was actually a good kid.

  5. ArcticFoxyYT0 Arctic says:

    The teacher should’ve asked what was wrong before making you apologize!!!!🦊🦊💙💙💙💙💙💙

  6. YASYFI - Bocah Pony says:

    Wow luni!

  7. Jess ToLazyyy says:

    Yep this happened to me…
    I made a drawing for a boy cause I can
    And I put my name on the paper
    Then he crossed it out and put his name today he gave the drawing to me and then he asked for it back
    I ripped it in peices I front of his face 😎😎😎😎

  8. DogPurple Lover says:


    No really…is that him?Or wrong name but close enough?PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

  9. Mettaton Ex says:

    My friend was an art thief.. Since 5th grade but she’s now gone but i had to hide all my drawings in my drawer and locker and lock it oof

  10. rapterling says:

    Omg I really love watching your videos I really love the art I love supporting your channel.

  11. Ika sūpu Chan says:


  12. XxxTheRandomizerxxx says:

    I know this is off topic but if u watch my hero academia but this is my todoroki chant

    T is for todoroki
    O is for omg it’s todoroki
    D is for DAMN TODOROKI
    O is for oh hi todoroki
    R is for oh reckless todoroki
    O is for Owwwie todoroki
    K is for Kick ass Todoroki
    I is for I love u todoroki
    Lmao ok tell em what u think and tell me what I can replace what with the guys 🤟🏼❤️😂😭

  13. Gacha Rosa says:

    I swear to like this comment.

    Now u gotta like it 😉

  14. EricPlays_RBLX says:


    Like if you think that’s awesome.

  15. Jordan Sweeto says:

    This video is on Trending!! Congrats!! <33

  16. Sarah Vang says:

    your art is BEAUTIFUL
    Also she has no art
    No trying to be mean
    Amazing video

  17. TJ Toons says:

    *A r t T h i e v e s:*
    *A r e P o o p e r s*

  18. Kawaii Chan says:

    Art related but not related to the topic.
    I had this sorta friend, and people say she wold draw good. I was like, “oh, good job for her. I um, have to go. Excuse me.” I can’t draw very good and when I will try to draw like my sister, I would end up crying (mostly) and throwing my so called art away. But this girl, she had a sketchbook. I was in a group wit her, and out of the open, SHE WHIPPED THAT THING OUT! It had a drawing of a wolf with her thousand pups on a ally with a wolf stalker watching them. When I saw that, I was like, Creepy, but… erm, good. My friend said, “WOAH, DID YOU DRAW THAT?!” “Yes, I did.” I got ticked off, I was trying to do my work, so distracting! “Sandy, you HAVE to see this.” “No thank you,” I said. “I’m trying to do work here.” I pulled my notebook over my face so I couldn’t see the drawing. I couldn’t draw and I was so sad to be reminded of that. “C’mon Sandy! You HAVE to!” “NO! I SAID NO THANK YOU!” I wanted to cry! Even a PRE-SCHOOLER could draw better than me no doubt! Whenever I draw, I try not to cry, because I know she is better than me…. and it makes me feel left out, you know?

  19. Krystal Absolite says:

    If she’s an art theif, she’s not your friend,… Trust no one °^°

  20. ehm peet says:

    She’s already Tracer.

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