My Secret Shame | Best Shape of My Life

My Secret Shame | Best Shape of My Life

When training gets off to a rough start at home, Will escapes to Dubai and recalls the discipline taught to him by his father.

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Episode 1:
Episode 3: Coming Nov. 9
Episode 4: Coming Nov. 10
Episode 5: Coming Nov. 11
Episode 6: Coming Nov. 12

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29 Responses

  1. Heidi NYC says:

    Thank you Will. Your story is in so many of us. When you strip yourself of all that ego, your authentic self comes out. The real you. I think your so brave and show the amplified you and the human you.God bless you ❤🙏💙

  2. RoseLynn Johnson says:

    You’ve got this Will! Brick by brick!! Can’t wait to see how this journey shapes you.

  3. Jo Richter says:

    I love that he calls his PT A-A-Ron, and keeps the Key&Peele Tradition alive. Brothers elevating each other.

  4. Daily Notes says:

    I love how much love will shows jazzy Jeff! I love their friendship! Will is such a good guy!!!

  5. Tomas Handles says:

    I feel privileged and proud to have witnessed and seen a very admirable person, with an unparalleled talent such as Will Smith …. For me he is and will always be my hero and my motivation to move forward in life, Greetings from Dominican Republic and above all blessings and prosperity for all and if you fall, get up and fight for what you want …

  6. WEALTHY 570 says:

    Will has motivated me to become the best version of myself physically, spiritually, mentally and financially. Now that I’ve typed it, I hold myself accountable! Starting now!

  7. NESIM EL AHMADI says:

    Proud of you Will! LETSGOOO💪🏽❤️

  8. Vee Wee3 says:

    I appreciate his tenacity. He is living proof that money alone cannot fill the void in our souls. Well done Will!

  9. ChineseEyes says:

    The first man ever in my hometown that is the realest inside and out. To strip yourself to the raw and show it is amazing to me. I gained weight on top of just having another baby December 2019 . COVID did nothing but help me become the worst version of myself. I then lost my mother December 2020. I have never felt this low in my life. Watching you on this journey is helping me. I started to work out.. slowly. But it’s better than sitting on my but all day. I look forward to seeing the rest of the episodes.

  10. American Boy says:

    I’m here for this type of content

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