My secret Toyota Hilux collection

My secret Toyota Hilux collection

After the first round of Hilux testing it was clear that I needed 4 more of them. So I bought every single one I could find in America.

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23 Responses

  1. ostacruiser says:

    Very sorry to hear about Mazee, When you lose a loyal friend it is very tough to get another

    • Mike Honcho says:

      @trongamer56It seems that cat didn’t have chance, it’s our job to watch out for them like children

    • trongamer56 says:

      My mom had a cat we owned that lived with us for years. He drove in bike with us and walked into his bag so the wind didn’t bother him. He lost a hand and still was a good cat. He got killed by a dog it seems.

    • Kaleb Husser says:

      @Leslie Harper everyone has good points, but you gave your best friend the best life they could’ve gotten. I think it’s okay to get a new dog to give them a good adventurous life, I feel like that’s what your dog would want you to do. It is like losing a best friend, so it does need some time of grievance. Some people can’t emotionally handle it again so it is understandable 100% either way.

    • Leslie Harper says:

      @MsDuck#9687 And you don’t want to have to inevitably go through it again with the new one.

    • MsDuck#9687 says:

      @Andy-GTI it’s not the same

  2. abcminition playz says:

    sorry for the loss Cody, everyone thats an animal lover/owner knows how devastating it is to lose one. Mazee has definitely become a part of all the videos over the years.

  3. James S Dyer II says:

    Rip mazee, one of a kind dog. Nothing can replace that bond and that love. She lived a awesome life brother. Always loved seeing her so happy in the videos.

  4. wedgett1 says:

    I never thought a WD video would bring tears to my eyes. My thoughts are with you mate. RIP Mazee – coolest dog ever!

  5. FoilHattiest says:

    So sorry to hear about Mazee, I was so fond of her and loved following her through the videos over the years 🙁 I’ve got two old german shepherds with various afflictions and not likely much time left myself (aged 13 and 9) so I can unfortunately relate somewhat. Absolutely amazing dogs and each individual one is truly irreplacable.

  6. UnreleasedHits2 says:

    That dog montage just made me realize how she doesnt realize that other dogs dont get to see all the stuff wd does, mazee is one chill and lucky dog but it is unfortunate that she passed away

    • Danny Miller says:

      @Dodge Durango same.

    • lime crew plays says:

      Mazee is a good dog

    • InsideOfMyOwnMind says:

      Mazee clearly trusted him with her life. I’m not sure I could do the same.
      As for the Hilux’s, I don’t know “WD” personally so I have to wonder if he has ever sold an intact vehicle in his life. I sure would have asked if I was standing in front of all those.

    • JamesonXX says:

      @Swaes Side Quests damn bro I felt that but yo bro you had pizza soxit had to have helped bro

  7. Madalin Ciupe says:

    Everyone: Tough times are coming, we need to save money for the worst
    Cody: It’s time to buy a lambo

  8. HELLKITE [Official] says:

    Hey man, I’m sorry about Mazee. I’ve seen her chasing trucks on your channel since I first started watching. Cheers to the life she lived! You gave her a great life with tons of adventure! Truly man’s best friend!

  9. Busters Garage says:

    Awe, yeah! Losing a doggo is losing a best friend and it’s a hard one to handle. They’re amazing!

    Bug great to hear that the Hilux tests aren’t over yet! 😀

  10. CQB says:

    Those red ones and the grey one are pretty nice and actually rare because most Hiluxs are just made in white. Should thrash a regular white work ute instead of those nice ones.

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