My Sister does my Makeup #ETN4

My Sister does my Makeup #ETN4

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65 Responses

  1. Raya Marie says:

    We wanted to see an apology and explanation but this was cute ig

  2. Danelly Danelly says:

    Princess has thiccc skin because if i was talked to like this I’d cry with my emotional ass ?

    • IreneIs MyYay says:

      @Internetbrookegirl Brooke i- who know what? Okay go off

    • Why are you interested in my name? says:

      @Doune not like what?I litterally just said siblings have their own way of care

    • wendyWERKKZ says:

      @Internetbrookegirl Brooke very true my brother and I arent like that, we’re 4 years apart and I had to take on more of slight parenting role but honestly we were never so Rude to each other. My cousin and her sister however are and they’re 3 years apart but once I saw them fight/argue and I actually started to cry because they would not settle and stop. I get that siblings with this relationship get used to it but it’s not healthy to just take all your frustrations or personal Insecurities out on your siblings

    • Why are you interested in my name? says:

      @Internetbrookegirl Brooke Most siblings know that their brother or sister wilk stick up for them but go off

    • Why are you interested in my name? says:

      @匚尺ㄚ乃卂乃ㄚ丂卂ㄒㄩ尺几丂 Ur name is crybaby so understandable.It’s not always bad to cry.U gotta let ur emotions out once in a wgile instead of holding it all in

  3. Chill Berces says:

    Do “Trying to be extra nice to my sister challenge” please. It’ll be hilarious ?

  4. Mala E says:

    Cleo talks now and she still hasn’t said her line yet ??

  5. Avelovinit says:

    “You’re not good at doing anything at all”

    SAME, Bret. SAME ?

  6. Ravi Nzengui says:

    I love how they wear the same color in every video together ?

  7. Bee etsy dot com says:

    Bretman: “because without turtles we won’t have any turtles”
    Me: you didn’t say “Periodt” ?

  8. Garrett says:

    Bretman: “princess you’re so-“

    Princess: *interepts* “hahiaaaai”?

    I loved that so much? @4:33

  9. syly liyeke says:

    princess needs to make “why you built like that” tshirts

  10. uwu윤민 says:

    Nikita: you’re barely in his life!

    Literally every one of Bretman’s video: blessed with princess’ presence ??‍♀️

  11. Puneet Kaur says:

    Why does he bleep out SOME of his curse words, not ALL of them? ?

    • Laya Worth says:

      YouTube has a “limit”. If he didn’t bleep some out then he’ll get demonetized/age restricted.

  12. Sheynaya Lafou says:

    Their love – hate relationship is so hilarious. Despite their wicked moments, they both have an interesting type of love for each other! I admire and envy that so much!!!?

  13. Savanah Tobias says:

    Who’s been here since the beginning and actually understands their bond ???‍♀️?

  14. My Life As Susy says:

    This is how many people love Princess & Bretman
    ?? small youtuber btw ✨

  15. Jaja Morena says:

    “Being very nice to my sister challenge for one day” PLEASE BRET!

  16. t e s s says:

    *because without turtles..*
    *we wouldn’t have turtles…*

    *b I + C h*

  17. THAT'S GAY says:


  18. a e s t e a t h i c k says:

    This is cooler than, with NiKita dRaguN.

    *cassie u do note*

  19. Ezmy Ralda says:

    Princess should go back To the pink hair it looked the best on Her ?

  20. Jane Rico says:

    That’s what i’m talking about gurll. Just you and Princess not that Nikita my ass

    • Vanessa says:

      Jane Rico I must have missed something? can you fill me in on what happened??

    • anxngel says:

      Vanessa nikita was saying rude things to princess in another video. bretman apoligized for not sticking up for princess and asked people to stop making up rumors. apparently people are waiting on nikita’s apology now

    • Staci says:

      @anxngel they said Nikita already apologized. Why does there need to be an official statement by her?

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