My Sister Has ADHD | Lucy Moon

My Sister Has ADHD | Lucy Moon

This is a video about my sister Rowan, who was diagnosed with ADHD when she was seven years old. Five months ago, she stopped taking her medication.

This video was inspired by Minimum Max, a superb short film about ADHD by Josh Ovalle //

Rowan’s instagram // @rowanrebecca

My new outro was made by the wonderful Jake, do check his ah-mazing channel out!

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What do you use to film?
– I use a Canon 600D with an 18-55mm lens or a 50mm lens. For 168 Hours, I also use a Canon G7X.

What do you use to record audio?
– H1 Zoom Microphone

What editing software do you use?
– Final Cut Pro X

Where did you get your glasses?
– SelectSpecs!

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20 Responses

  1. nicholas anderson says:

    wtf ok this video is way to deep I hope you know iver half the population
    has adhd it is not a big deal

  2. Leo says:

    Are those her words? because otherwise you have a brilliant ability to put
    yourself in other peoples minds. having ADD I can relate a lot. I have
    never seen it as a condition, just as a way my brain works differently
    (like autism). it is only bad if it stops you from doing think you want to
    do. I chose to take medication at age 13 and stopped two years later. it
    wasn’t a good or a bad thing, just a period of my life and it was always my
    choice. great great video.

  3. LeNsCake Kdi says:

    Whether the ADHD is dangerous?

  4. Joci Witt says:

    I have ADHD which is where your hyper, all the time unless you are on
    medication, and have trouble paying attention to detail school and work.

  5. Joci Witt says:

    I also take Focilan XR for my ADHD and I’m top of most of my classes today
    so I can’t even think about getting off it.

  6. a baby trying to get subs for family says:

    Good for your sisters

  7. gwynneio says:

    Thank you Rowan

  8. damon2772nomad says:

    it’s a hard life with add

  9. Sammi Hendrickson says:

    I took adderall starting in 3rd grade to 8th grade, it was hard for me to
    interact with others. The medication made me shy, depressed, and nervous
    like I was in a bubble. I had no appetite, it was harder for me to pay
    attention. But when I stopped taking it, I was finally myself! I eat a lot,
    I talk a lot, I’m a happier person! I don’t hate that I have AHDH, sure
    it’s hard to pay attention in class but I can control it. I love my ADHD.

  10. Fire_Element says:

    adhd diagnosis is a gimmick for the pharmaceutical corps to make loads of
    money off pills. I was “diagnosed” when in the 8th grade, they even sent me
    to a shrink. I remember being a month in on the meds in class, when staring
    at the chalkboard i realized i couldnt imagine like i used to. Imagine…
    creativity, it felt supressed, and i felt robotic. I threw the pills away,
    now 33 years old, i have learned to calm my own mind. My son, now 8, that
    has what i call a natural occurance within super creative minds, i teach
    him breathing techniques, meditation, and put him to bed with natural oils
    and teas, soft music and such. The mind and the body will balance out with
    age, time, and practice on focus. Its not disorder. The only disorder is
    parents taking their normal child to the doctor thinking somethings wrong
    with them. Humans are evolving, listen to the child, not the bullshit adhd

  11. red flame says:

    Can you not treat ADHD like a serious problem. I have ADHD and it’s fine.
    Calm the fuck down

  12. MLG Minecrafter says:

    I have adhd

  13. Allexno Gaming says:

    Free Palestine

  14. Aki says:

    What is ADHD

  15. Samuel Galdamez says:

    Hopefully eugenics will be put back in place soon

  16. Kewl Dude says:

    Beautiful video. Big thumbs up! :D

  17. Brandon Campbell says:

    I also have ADHD and i stopped taking my medication 2 years ago do to not
    being able to pay for it anymore, But my grades improved once off of it, I
    am currently a high school Senior and this video was amazing to watch,
    Thank you Lucy

  18. tritan74 says:

    ADHD is fucking AIDS or cancer get over yourself we all deal with it

  19. incrediblejonas says:

    No, no, this is wrong.

  20. Steven Patti says:

    ADHD is a manufactured disease used to control the “square pegs” who don’t
    fit into the round holes. I supposedly have it, however, I find my focus on
    a task is directly related to the interest I have in that task. Especially
    when I was young, if I didn’t want to be in class, Id be messing around,
    moving, talking, and generally being disruptive.When I did enjoy something,
    I could focus for hours. For example, my favorite book series, I could sit
    down and burn through half a novel in a day. At the same time, my teachers
    couldn’t control me in the classroom. I was just a boy wanting to be a boy.
    I didn’t want to be in class. I had my friends all around me and a whole
    jungle gym to play on. Why did I need to focus in class? As I got older and
    started seeing the value of school, I started focusing. These drugs they
    put kids on just deaden their brains, and there is no actual test for ADHD.
    If the teacher decides that a kid has it, then the kid has it.