my subscriber asked me to clean his room.. So I Made HIS DREAM BEDROOM!

my subscriber asked me to clean his room.. So I Made HIS DREAM BEDROOM!

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I just built my subscriber their dream gaming room. Who else likes the aesthetic? I think this is one of the craziest room transformations I’ve done yet! Should we start a reddit or discord around subscribers rooms?

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26 Responses

  1. FrenchieFries says:

    so who doesnt follow me on insta already??

  2. PrettyBored says:

    You can definitely see the weeks of work it took to make this video, amazing job man! And the room came out so sick!!!

  3. ☆ M0on ! says:

    Love how he takes his time to make and edit videos as well as change things into something even more beautiful for people.

  4. ravi chokkala says:

    You’ve inspired so many people to clean their room

  5. Tehhss says:

    it would be a fun project to do their whole house

  6. Noah Richards says:

    Love what frenchie keeps doing to help others! ❤

  7. wintage. says:

    FrenchieFries is actually one of the best youtubers in the whole world, the creativity and hardword he puts into his videos is astonishing.
    But the best part is the quality and the end result of the video!

  8. CROSSBAR_HD says:

    FrenchieFries never disappoints

  9. CillianUwU says:

    After watching this, I cleaned my entire house and just finished 💀 💀 💀, I hate letting my intrusive thoughts kick in 💀 💀 💀

  10. WinDev says:

    I really appreciate all the work that goes into these videos:DD

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