My teachers phone… #storytime #shorts

My teachers phone… #storytime #shorts

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  1. L says:

    In year 7, all of my teachers were horrible, and my class was a nightmare (we weren’t streamed until year 8, so I had most of my classes with the same people).

    • さとうゆうと says:

      Thank you, American.
      Thanks to you, Chinese company TikTok has become one of the richest companies in the world.

    • definitely_human1 says:

      @kirby stabs it’s not a bot, think before you speak. Also get better at spelling

    • Otaku's Hobby says:

      Same I’m in secentg grade rn and man my class teacher night quit yknow the phase where the dudes in the class get enlightened about like curse words and shit and then think that hatibg others is cool all r ij that stage and since our school fee is extremely high the classes don’t change at akl

    • Rahmawati Wirasno says:

      @kirby stabs Cope harder 😍

    • kirby stabs says:

      @Pulse YT and its a bot bcs it only has 1 letter every channel with 1 letter are bots j dumb ase

  2. Ramandip Singh says:

    For me it was a my physics teacher he was the nicest person no homework no nothing he teached well but,
    Couldnt control the class kids shouting and litruly have their phones out 😂

  3. ChatDeCafé says:

    I really feel bad for her. I really like your shorts, @Horchata Soto, keep up the story time!

  4. •Kazuki_ARMY• says:

    Ah- for me it was my 4th grade teacher. She was kind enough to let us have a lot of free time, but she doesn’t even teach right-

  5. ᴄᴄ.ᴏʀᴘsᴇs says:

    for me, probably my current homeroom/advisory teacher. He’s a great teacher, but he doesn’t control the class very well. Students talk back to him a lot/insult him, he ends up not doing anything about it and I feel bad for the poor guy. He doesn’t do anything wrong and he’s being insulted by 8th graders.

  6. Infinity says:

    For me it was actually my 7th grade Spanish teacher as well. He was super nice, no homework, gave us tips on how to study more in less time, but he couldn’t control the kids talking the entire time

  7. Hinata Hyuga says:

    My math teacher. She’s always so kind, and gently states the rules when we are loud, etc. She deserves better.

  8. Lishy says:

    I’m in Uk and it was probs my art teacher but now she has changed the class seat plan around it’s fine now lol

  9. Jassim says:

    For me it was our Gr. 1 teacher in PE. Looking back at it, she really deserved better. She would always give us money to buy something, if we didn’t have anything to eat and instead of saying “pay me back” she would just tell us to do the same for someone less fortunate. Not only that she would give us barely any homework and quizzes. She is still my favorite teacher to this day

  10. Spider-man says:

    My seventh grade science teacher would never get mad. She would allow anything and if she did get you in trouble she would just nicely ask you to stop

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