My TRUE Self… | Thomas Sanders feat. Anthony Padilla!

My TRUE Self… | Thomas Sanders feat. Anthony Padilla!

After hearing some stirring words, I begin to question the very essence of my existence… on YouTube. Am I being absolutely real and raw with my audience, or am I presenting a candy-coated version?? Is there more that I should show and be?? I seek the help of Anthony Padilla to lead me down the right path of being… me. Check out the video on Anthony’s channel that precedes this one!

Thank you so much to Anthony Padilla for joining me for this video!!! So much fun doing this with you!!

Anthony Padilla:

Thank you to Drew Gooden for helping with the filming and edit for this video as well as creating the thumbnail!

Drew’s Links:

Thank you to Joan for helping to film and take part in this video!!

Joan’s Links:

Thank you to Talyn for taking part in this video!!

Talyn’s Links:

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20 Responses

  1. Pup 200 says:

    Thomas is too pure.
    And you cant *break* *_him_*

  2. Samantha Lindhuber says:

    Joan is my spirit animal

  3. The Wizard 108 says:

    Thomas, are you autistic?

  4. Andrew Griffin says:

    Just question is he gay not that it is bad

  5. Wunderful says:

    Can I request a whole video with the sides freaking out about your amazing hair?

  6. Eliza Grace says:

    Why does he keep calling Dani Snot Onfire Anthony?

  7. kittycatluv says:

    I just relized,

    He died his hair



    Can you guys please get out of my house

  9. Chara Dreemurr says:

    Please bring back the sander sides!!!!

  10. trashleynotashley says:

    Dan looks like he’s been working out recently, good job man, that 6 pack is killing it Daniel

  11. Stella SuperSonic says:

    Dan finally collaborated with Thomas

  12. Michael Wesseln says:

    Real or fake anime 3

  13. Jai Moon says:

    Thomas I know you probably won’t see this but I posted my coming out video being 100% true to myself ?

  14. I'm Death says:

    Thomas: *trying to be all sentimental*
    Joan: *peeks out of shower* hey you’re out of shampoo

  15. SwaggyIndian says:

    Your true self thoooo, ommmgggg, btw I made a vlog about my trip to Cuba.

  16. Sasha Braus says:

    can’t believe thomas and dan finally collabed

  17. fairygabmother says:

    thomas is like a mix of dan and phil… he’s dIL

    edit: ok he’s not very much like dil lol

  18. Potato says:

    Thomas: Snuggle Party!
    Anthony: ..Did you say slumber party?
    Thomas: Yup… yeah..
    Ahh… isnt it fun watching Thomas be gay? But I mean.. it could be gayer.

  19. Shafiyah Salsabila says:

    Okay, you’ve done a collab with Anthony now please please pleaaaaaase if you have the chance have a collab with Dan and Phil. I mean, Having Anthony is pretty close with having Dan but still!

  20. Rishabh Vasisht says:

    Anthony left smosh
    Ksi left sidemen please no more ??

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