My Type (feat. City Girls & Jhené Aiko) [Remix] [Official Audio]

My Type (feat. City Girls & Jhené Aiko) [Remix] [Official Audio]

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56 Responses

  1. Sirah says:

    Jhene committed a whole robbery on my scalp before Saweetie or Yung Miami could ever ?

  2. QueLaYessi says:

    “I don’t really got a type, don’t discriminate” ??

  3. Vonny Montana says:

    Me: * Skips to jhenes part and ends the song.*

  4. Liana Diaz says:

    JHENEEE CAN KILL ANYTHING disagreee let’s argue ?

  5. Klaira Monroe says:

    “I’m the type to make him beat it up and then I meditate” PERIODT JHENE

  6. Caribbean Tingz says:

    Woah Jhenéééé is when a girl is quiet but freakyyyy asfff?

  7. Danielle Ashlyn says:

    I love Yung Miami’s part!!! I started getting a little hype!! ? Much better than she’s done before

  8. Lakeshia Daniel says:

    Not gonna lie, I’m just here for Jhene and I’m out??‍♀️❤️

  9. K G says:

    jhene’s verse was way too short, the disrespect

  10. Ofenste Ipeleng says:

    If Jhene Aiko was a rapper, she’d kill the game! PERIOD!

  11. Derajah Tuckee says:

    Who else was shocked when they read jhene aiko on a song like this ?

  12. Dita Ent. says:

    85% of the comments Jhene aiko part
    15% of the comments loves the remix

  13. Isha Thomas says:

    I was acting shock when I heard Jhene part then I remember she once said eat the booty like grocery

  14. tabby314 says:

    Jhené Aiko body her little part ??. Trina should been on this remix. She would killed it

  15. Courtney Green says:

    Did Jhené just really say what I think she said?

  16. young_kid_ now says:

    I feel bad for Yung Miami I’m listening while in the comments and everybody talking about Jhenè part ???

  17. lize martinez says:

    jhene really repping for us quiet freaks ??

  18. Kimbreana Oree says:

    Jhene makes music for reserved girls who are low key freaky ??

  19. Lilly Kupersmit says:

    Jhené is literally the definition of lady in the streets, freak in the sheets. Love her so much! I wish her verse was longer.❤️

  20. LilCheyChey Tv says:

    Y’all ova here saying Jhene Aiko is quiet and innocent but she the same one who say “Ima let him eat the booty like it’s groceries”. Don’t forget ppl??

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