My viewers sent me the WORST Christmas Gifts

My viewers sent me the WORST Christmas Gifts

crispy opens fan mail but it’s all christmas gifts
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Today, once again I open your fan mail. This time I specifically asked you guys for the holidays to send in some cursed christmas gifts, and you guys definitely did. These vids are always so fun to make so lmk if you want more aha

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27 Responses

  1. ItsAvril says:

    the amount of shirts and the fact each they just keep getting funnier is what does it for me

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Daily Lives says:

    Interesting Chritmas gifts altogether😅

  3. Astroman438 says:

    Crispy’s fans have the ability to find the most random things ever to send to crispy and I’m all here for it

  4. Kryptic517 says:

    Huge shout-out to Crispy’s assistant for rapping every single one of those presents 😅

  5. Asp says:

    Merry Christmas Crispy, thanks for always making my day better with your videos

  6. Corbin Simpson says:

    I love the pure joy and happiness. Keep the vibes up my dude. Also no mustard

  7. Pugz 4 Life says:

    I like how Crispy looks like all of our younger siblings with that outfit

  8. GYX says:

    I like how his he says “The WORST gifts” when he clearly enjoyed every gift he got. 💀

  9. Lithium Darko says:

    When i saw you with the cross you reminded me of jay from the movie this is the end i was hoping you started saying the power if chris compels you

  10. flouer says:

    the bladee meme caught me off guard

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