My Wife Destroys My $100,000 Truck with a CrowBar

My Wife Destroys My $100,000 Truck with a CrowBar

I hand my wife the crowbar and let her go HAM on the body panels. Sending a message that it really doesn’t matter what trim package your expensive new truck has because that thang gonna be in the junkyard soon. Retro Customz @retrocustomz1 #happilymarried

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55 Responses

  1. thelolipopkidz says:

    5:06 i do that VIOLENTLY with no swaybars to confuse people tailgating

  2. c_ toll says:

    This is the only one he’s destroyed that made my kinda cringe but still a sick vid

  3. Faith Fitness & Fast Cars says:

    The channel has taught me how incredibly strong wheel spacers are and how durable that lift kit is

  4. Missouri Mud Country says:

    Love this. No balls break the mirrors off and completely destroy the interior RIP it apart. Pour Mountian dew in engine and transmission

  5. Loaf_of-bread says:

    Well at least the title wasn’t clickbait

  6. Rick Pflueger says:

    Who’s the one who pissed off @whistlingdiesel

  7. Ruben says:

    I just realized that it doesn’t have the fender badges

  8. Famous75 Gaming says:

    Whistling that interior is dirty, prob needs a pressure wash

  9. Georgi Georgiev says:

    1:30 – ford takes a leak.
    Mrs WD: i mma rip all those peepes off

  10. Joshua Ward says:

    7:30 “one grit sand paper”😂😂😂

  11. Connor Stirling says:

    “Watch the corn” —underrated

  12. Can’t Hide Money Racing says:

    I propose the “Doughnuts Till It Dies” challenge see if the truck pukes something first or you puke first. Your a daisy if you don’t

  13. Shayne huculak says:

    “He wOnT WRecK thAT tRUCk hE PAid TOo mUCh” – random hater

  14. Brett Carlow says:

    I’m interested in the story of how you began destroying monstermax what just made you start beating on it and record it for YouTube

  15. Shane Gregory says:

    It’s even more funny when he realizes that the shit he’s smacking is just scratching hahahahha

  16. Mad Cow Mark says:

    I noticed you never done anything to the actual main cab, hood or rear cover, you must be planning a upgrade to the front and rear of the limited F truck?

    • Summit X says:

      Exactly, the fenders and box panels need to be widened to cover the stupid looking wheels. Anything for YouTube views.

  17. Melissa Green says:

    If my wife does the damage these idiots won’t realize that I’m making the same video for the hundredth time. Let’s gooooo!

  18. Powerstroke Ryan says:

    Idiots: hE dOeSn’T dEsErVe ThIs TrUcK
    Loyal fans: Destroy it some more! Lol doesn’t matter what vehicle it is we just like destruction!

  19. Kollin Knack says:

    Hey whistlin, you should put a round bale spear through the bed of that truck. It would truly be perfect 👌

  20. Jerney Behr says:

    This guy is the definition of “can’t own anything nice”

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