My Youtube Crush – Prom Knight Episode 1 – Merrell Twins

My Youtube Crush – Prom Knight Episode 1 – Merrell Twins

Have you ever dreamed of going to Prom with your celebrity crush? Natalie gets the chance to do so with her YouTuber crush, Chris Knight! But does everything go the way Natalie dreams it would be? Next Episode comes out on April 17th! Episode 2 Sneak Peek at the end!!!


Featuring Music by: mxmtoon
Song Title: Prom Dress
“Prom Dress” (music video)

Directed & Edited by: Paul Merrell
Written by: Dustyn Lotz
Produced by: Oz Ozmen

Natalie – Vanessa Merrell
Riley – Veronica Merrell
Chris Knight – Christian Seavey
Asher – Aaron Burriss
Fiona – Franny Arrieta
Abby – Arianna Jonae
Sally – Sharon Fredrickson
Dad – Niko Vitacco
Mr. Brown – Nick Haddad

Director of Photography – Trevor Roach
Production Designer – Jay Dizon
Production Designer (YouTube Space) – Dylan Hutchins
Costume Designer – Jazmin Whitley
Hair and Makeup – Jenna Garagiola

1st Assistant Director – Aaron Ellis
2nd Assistant Director – Preston Grant
Production Coordinator – Victoria Pierce

Art Director – Sara Silkwood
Set Decorator – Angel De La Rosa
Art PA – Helena Burgueño
(YouTube Space)
Leadman – Kearney Thompson
Set Dressers – Tyler Gattoni
& Ivan Martin Del Campo
Art PA’s – Myrna Powell
& David Field

Camera Operator – Nick Ramsey
Camera Operator – Ryan Broomberg
1st Assistant A Camera – George Ellett
1st Assistant B Camera – Melissa Baltierra
2nd Assistant Camera – Silvana Valadez

Gaffer – Hao Yu
Key Grip – Robert Meeks
Best Boy – Gary Buchele
& Joey Luu

Sound Mixer – Rommel Suniga
Boom Operator – Ken Hobson

Hair & Makeup Artist – Lauren Lillien
Wardrobe – Joey Costa

Set Videographer – Edward Uken

Production Assistants:
Paul Rivet
Elle Hercules
Jason Sae-Kung

Post Production:
Assistant Editor – Armand Tatavosian
Audio Mixer – Paul Klingberg
Visual Effects by: Gary Baker, Baker Image Group

Katherine Martinez

Additional Cast:
Bus Driver – Brian Herbert

High School Students:
Jazzman Collins
Jim Baek
Desiree Parker
Joey Costa

Special Thanks to:

YouTube Space LA
Audrey Eatherly
Jess Harris-distefano
Devina Kanani
Karolyn Szot

BC Live Productions
Caroline Anderson
Brett Collins

Atomic Bomb
Drew Stepek

Stir Entertainment
Ray Powell

Megan Bycel
Erin Browne


merrell twins twin
prom 2020

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52 Responses

  1. merrelltwins says:

    We are so excited that Prom Knight is officially out!! We wanted to let you guys know that Prom Knight was filmed before everyone had to go into self isolation because of the virus. We had no idea that so many high schoolers would not be able to attend their proms. We understand how important prom is and we feel so sad for those who can’t attend. 😞 We want to dedicate our Prom Knight series to those high schoolers who can’t go to their prom in hopes that they can find some hope and comfort thought this! Thank you all for the continuous support and love! Please stay safe! We love you! Hope you enjoy Prom Knight!!! 💜💖

  2. Reem Al Hashmi says:

    You know what i really like about this. nessa is acting like herself, roni, christian and aaron are like the exact opposite and it is amazing how good they are portraying it

  3. XShanayaX ** says:

    so we all know that Nessa, and Christian are just friends, right? BUT LIKE HOW CAN U NOT SHIP THEM?!?!?

  4. Maritza Lopez says:

    christian seem like a real jerk 😭 but that’s good because that means he’s doing a good job at playing his part 👍🏼

  5. Samantha Torres says:

    I’m I the only one surprised that they used Mxmtoon’s Song “prom dress” probably just me I love mxmtoon but now she’s getting big so now we have to pay to meet her😢 but it’s fine

  6. Analia Gonzales says:

    I love how Roni has to act the opposite of the way she really is in real life. Lol 😂 Love the new show! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. snart blart says:

    it’s so weird watching christian be a jerk considering how sweet he is in real life

  8. Andrea Bruson says:

    Natalie: “Do you even know how jobs work?”
    Riley: “Ewww, no!!!”


    p.s. I’m watching you from years and I’ve always been able to tell you apart very easily but there are some scenes here that if it was not for your voices I wouldn’t be able to!

    p.s.s. look at Paul how he looks so young here and he’s got his hair again!!! 😂

  9. Sophia Kusumoto says:

    Nessa: watching a YouTuber quoting “wow that’s so true”
    Me: watching merrell twins”wow thats so true”

  10. Just. Bey says:

    It’s so weird to see Christian being “mean” lol so far so good can’t wait for the next episode!

  11. Tiff Opal says:

    “Is this girl an Idiot? Why isn’t she turning around he’s right behind her!” Oh my that is the best part!

  12. Michelle Patrick says:

    Christian mom looks like she is from parents react I think her name is Sharon from FBE

  13. Divya A says:

    It’s so weird seeing Roni being rude to her sister. It’s so out of character. Same for Christian’s attitude.

  14. Abby H says:

    I feel so bad for Natalie🙁
    she is getting catfished basically AND everyone is so rude to her.

  15. Adaly Perez says:

    You know the drill
    1-Natalie (vanessa)
    2-Riley (veronica)
    3-Chris Knight (Christian)
    4-Asher (Aaron)
    5-Fiona (Franny)
    6-Abby (Arianna)
    7-Sally (Sharon)
    8-Dad (Niko Vitacco)
    9-Mr.Brown (Nick)
    #0-Director (Paul Merrell)

  16. Kyn Vanilla says:

    Nessa: I haven’t shower in days

    me: same

  17. Lee Lawrence says:

    Vanessa and Veronica: Wake up looking like Angels
    ME: Wakes up looking like a scarecrow😒😶😂😂😂😂
    Can anyone relate??😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Melissa Taylor says:

    That opening scene with “Prom Dress” playing and Natalie waiting for the bus is goldddddd ✨

  19. K M_2405 says:

    This is the whole “we are just friends” all over again huh? 😫😫😫

  20. Saige Myers says:

    this pains me to watch nessa get bullied by a TEACHER, but so far this seems like a great series and i cant wait for another episode

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