Mystery Box Challenge

Mystery Box Challenge

What will we find in the mystery box challenge?!  GMMORE #1556
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40 Responses

  1. SauceOnPc says:

    I love you guys! Thank you for making great videos for all the years I’ve watched you!

  2. Angelo Aldave says:

    I’m finally able to see a video before millions of people. I wanna say I love you guys!! Y’all are the best.

  3. Abi Morales says:

    I should be sleeping but no i like this show

  4. QAnon General says:

    these guys dont age!! i dont think they’re human?

  5. Ruben Fensham says:


  6. cool person says:

    *they went full-dad this summer*

  7. Foodie Eats says:

    “I touch Kiwis all the time” ~Rhett 2019

  8. cody hedges says:

    Today we learn about smells straight from the hole, or maybe further away.

  9. Julia Whitmore says:

    “I like it straight from the hole. You don’t like it straight from the hole?”
    “Yeah, but right here from the hole, it stinks.”
    “Yeah cause you’re more than 7 inches.”

    ………..that’s what she said?

  10. Thunder Pulse says:


    Link: Do you have a Prisoner?

  11. MKH says:

    As soon as you said it smelt like a fart I knew it was going to kimchi haha

  12. Humanoid Gaming says:

    “I like it straight from the hole”
    – Rhett 2019

  13. adventrix says:

    “because you’re more than seven inches… away.”

  14. Lady of Darkness says:

    “Sometimes you get overwhelmed with something and you make bad judgments, and that’s just because something stinks in another mystery box” PUT THAT ON A TSHIRT!!!

  15. TheHomey NowUKnowMe says:

    *”It feels cold…it is cold.”*

    Lol, great observation, Link! XD

  16. RiviRrapper says:

    Recht= Right in German… Links= Left in German… Illuminati confirmed

  17. Black Sheep says:

    *”Why you all gonna be wetting stuff?”*


  18. Black Sheep says:

    Rhett & Link: Mash Potatoes stink from a certain distance
    Mash Potatoes: *surprised Pikachu face
    Kimchi: *Troll face

  19. 1Yearwonder says:

    “30 seconds each is gonna take forever!”

    Yeah man, at least a minute

  20. Chloe says:

    Rhett: “I don’t have a prisoner, no.”
    Link: “In there?”
    Rhett: “Yeah.”
    Rhett: *proceeds to stare at the camera in such a way that communicates “I absolutely have a prisoner in my esophagus”*

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