Mystery Christmas Gift Challenge ft. Megan Fox

Mystery Christmas Gift Challenge ft. Megan Fox

What mystery Christmas gifts did Santa leave under our tree for us, and Megan Fox? We’ll just give them a little shake to find out. GMM #1435

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54 Responses

  1. Isla says:

    I think Megan was a good guest! She was smart, quick and competitive.

    • Greg Powell says:

      +Tommy Sciano its not that she had small thumbs, i believe it was that her thumbs looked like toes at a certain angle.

    • Naomi S says:

      +micah fuller Yeah it’s okay to take some time to warm up and not everyone is super silly like Rhett and Link

    • JVW says:

      MEGAN embrace your thumbs baby cakes!!!!!! You’re so gorgeous, who cares that you have thumbs that arent perfect? c:

    • Tommy Sciano says:

      +Greg Powell yeh , whenever I see her she is always hiding her thumbs. Before even watching this I knew she was going to do the same here.

    • Alberto Dolce says:

      +Isla Vоt𝐞 fOr mе ple𝖺s𝗲! *W1n Rоund th𝗲 WOrld tr𝒊p* to Braz𝒊l, Cz𝗲ch Republ𝔦c, Nam𝒊biɑ, St. P𝒊𝗲rrе and M1qu𝗲lon ɑnd Sur𝗶name! Leɑrn m0r𝗲:

  2. Snake Plissken says:

    She loosens up heaps halfway thru, smiling a lot. People commenting before the videos over or what?

  3. Abraham Simmons says:

    “This one smells like Merica” 😂😂😂😂

  4. Glasses&Mouthplates says:

    Everyone’s over-analyzing Megan’s body language, while I’m here just wishing I had that cat Christmas sweater.

  5. Laggin24x says:

    I think she warmed up as the show went a long.

    • logan discenza says:

      I am sure Megan is comfortable in the environment she is in with Rhett and Link, she is hiding her thumbs if you watch you can hardly ever seen them, she has a deformity in her thumbs that makes them almost look like your big toes.

    • Nacho5ndchees says:

      Go play zombie

    • I Need A Taespoon Of Suga And A Kookie For my Tae. says:

      +Laggin24x Vot𝐞 fᴏr mе pl𝐞𝛂se! *W1n ROund th𝐞 Wᴏrld trip* t0 Argent𝒊nа, Azеrb𝖺𝒊jаn, El SalvadOr, Sweden and Turks 𝖺nd Cаicos Isl𝖺nds! L𝐞𝖺rn more:

    • First Comment Finder BOT says:

      +logan discenza What? You can see the thumbs several times in the video, they look really normal

  6. I ambiguous says:

    “Santa says BE SAFE” -Delfin 2018

  7. JustMe says:

    You guys are way overanalyzing her. Put your internet degrees away. She’s fine.

    • Hannah R says:

      Internet degrees lol. I won’t lie, I was thinking about how she has her arms crossed at first, but then I thought maybe she’s just cold. Rhett and Link are pretty big guys too. Maybe she was just trying not to bump into them.

  8. Lena Maria says:

    i have really bad anxiety and i always sit with my arms crossed to sort of “comfort” myself. just because she is famous doesn’t mean she can’t suffer from anxiety, people with anxiety can come off as rude sometimes but we are just suffering internally!! please don’t be so critical 🙁

    • Chelly D. says:

      Omg i feel exactly the same way. I when my anxiety was bad before, but I i was always skiddish and I felt bad for not being more comfortable and open. I just wish people in the comments could beore empathetic and not everything has to be interpreted in such a negative way.

    • Jess Chavez says:

      She also hates her hands maybe she was just trying to hide them hahaha she has short ugly hands or whatever hahaha

    • NineFatMilkyDabs Ps4 says:

      It’s because of her thumbs. They’re abnormally large and people make fun of her. Notice she never shows them.

    • JVW says:

      yea she’s okay, it’s just because of her thumbs :C I hope she’s able to embrace them someday though. i feel bad for her trying to hide them

    • Lena Maria says:

      +NineFatMilkyDabs Ps4 i have seen her thumbs and i don’t think they’re abnormally large, i think people are just rude and like to pick on others because it makes them feel better about themselves.

  9. Nicola Wildflower says:

    Let me just say that I used to think of Megan Fox as kind of bitc*y. However, I don’t think she did so bad on this episode. If anything, I think I like her a little more now. I think she just appears sort of introverted and didn’t really know how to handle Rhett and Link’s huge personalities. I think she’s also just more reserved and probably self conscious about her appearance. Remember, she’s probably thinking that if she does anything even slightly embarrassing, it’ll go viral and everyone will share embarrassing gifs of her all over the internet. She likes to be seen as sexy and doesn’t want to ruin her image by behaving obnoxiously and letting her guard down. Give her some slack, at least she laughed a little. I just think she was a little out of her comfort zone tbh.

    • DChief94 says:

      Nicola Wildflower She’s very different to what she’s been perceived in the media. She is naturally introverted, quite a nerd, and very private. She doesn’t want to be seen as sexy in the vain kind of way.

    • Darth Plagueis says:

      yea thought the same thing. never like her but she kinda seemed like a genuine person in this vid

  10. RhettyforFun says:

    Link definitely had the worst gifts! Re-gift those!

  11. Sara says:

    Y’all are… crazy 😂 I love how well spoken Megan was. So many celebrity guests are just awkward and try so hard to be funny, but she was just chill (as chill as you can be on this show, I can imagine lol) Let a woman live!

  12. TakeTheRedOne1st says:

    I’m excited to see her show 😃 She is so sweet! Such nice manners, being so nice & fair, she legitimately seems like a really kind person. I can’t wait to see her show coming out 👏🏻😁

  13. TakeTheRedOne1st says:

    The comments… 🤦‍♀️ I used to dislike her after the Transformers thing too but ppl change & sometimes things aren’t as accurate as u’d think. Either way, she was totally sweet here & was polite, fair, & had very nice manners. Don’t hold grudges about things u weren’t there for, & give this girl a chance 🙂 she’s just shy but is obviously a very kind person. I’m excited to see her show 👏🏻😁

  14. GetItTogetherGrace says:

    Megan looks like she’s waiting for her mom to pick her up from after school.

  15. Kaitlynn Brookings says:

    I think she was probably just a little cold. She’s a fairly small person (compared to them) and that can make it easier to get cold. I know what it’s like to be the only person in the room that’s shivering. It makes you look uncomfortable because it IS

  16. Keith McCarthy says:

    I think Megan was a great guest! We’ve just been so spoiled with guests like Coyote and Duff Goldman that we’re now used to people who are super natural at improv stuff and therefore super entertaining. If you go back and watch some older videos they’re have been guests that were way worse than Megan who honestly was a pretty good guest.

  17. fungifago says:

    So every guest has to be incredible cheerful and laugh histerical at all moments? Of course not, not everyone is like that and it wasnt awkward, seems like you dont know what awkward really is. She was charming btw.

  18. Luke Peters says:

    You guys need John Krasinski on this show!

  19. Jacob simmons says:

    Get Gordon Ramsay on an episode of Will It please!!!!!!

  20. Sofia Rodriguez says:

    “Link got a moisture point from Megan”

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