Mystery Riddles To Test Your Street Smarts w/ Azzyland

Mystery Riddles To Test Your Street Smarts w/ Azzyland

Azzyland and I are back testing our logic and doing some riddles together! Time to solve some brain teasers and see if we can survive out in these rough streets! Not sure if we have the IQ for this.
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I’m Kassie, also known as Gloom! I’m a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes you goof balls giggle.
I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).

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63 Responses

  1. Strawberry Chicken says:

    This many people loved this vid

  2. Assasing GirlPro says:

    At the beginning did anyone see that Flora looked like Cassie?

  3. Its_Aubrey says:

    roses are red violets
    are blue,
    azzy is great,
    and so is gloom!

  4. ana medina says:

    Lets be honest…who actually finishes the riddles in 7 seconds??

  5. Kmant7216 Turtles says:

    For the mermaid question: like if A. Comment if B.

  6. Back Up says:

    hey gloom I like the fact spiderman’s movie is behind you lol

  7. Glenda Bermudez says:

    The girl flora in the first riddle looks like kasie

  8. Demi-god in Gryffindor Rapping Guns and Ships says:

    Wait but Mrs. Dorry was old so she would call a 20 ish year old girl little

  9. ᏆᎪᏁᎽᎪ's ᎬᎠᎥᏆs says:

    Kid: were do babies come from?
    Me: *let’s not go there,kiddo*

  10. ItsVivian Playz says:

    Anybody remember the question “where do babies come from?”
    well do you know the song “where do babies come from?”

    I laughed so hard! ???

  11. Gothic Chan says:



  12. IsabelHeartChan Yt says:

    A.belle from beauty and the beast
    B.Ariel from the little mermaid
    C.Rapunzel from tangled

  13. fallxing says:

    I’d say Ariel,since her teeth are like a siren mermaid LOL

  14. The Rude Gamer says:

    Gloom: These aliens are not nice humans
    Meh: DUH, they’re not human!!!

  15. ᴍɪxᴇᴅßЯØkΣຖRBFFSunflowerEmotions DL says:

    Who else saw the “Spiderman Into The spider-verse”! in Gloom’s backround?

  16. Jeffrey Presley says:

    Gloom 2019: “these aliens were not nice people…”


  17. Gabby Goo says:

    Me: *sees kid without arms*
    Kid: “why don’t they like me at kindergarten?”
    Me *realizes he has arms*

  18. Lion the pink lion from Beach City says:

    How do you tell a Male chromosome from a female chromosome?


  19. amazing689ray says:

    Who else see the Spider-Man into the spider-verse movie in the back ground

  20. Donut_Gurl 0907 says:

    For the “what do you open first” riddle, my answer is her eyes because she was sleeping at 3 when her parents came.

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