Mystery Soda Marshmallow Taste Test

Mystery Soda Marshmallow Taste Test

Josh made us mystery soda marshmallows. Can we tell what soda they’ve been flavored with?  GMMore #1400

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55 Responses

  1. Guitalele Girl says:

    Good mythical MOREning.

  2. Matthew Young says:

    Josh I think your cooking looks awesome.

  3. EJ Banfield says:

    Huge CONGRATS on the 1400th episode guys! So proud of you both and the Mythical Crew for making it this far! Here’s to 1400 more 😎👌🙌🎉🎊

  4. KayleeKat says:

    3:28 another dirty joke for those compilations.

  5. Flobengogen says:

    that dislike is probably from a marshmallow

  6. Paige Richards says:

    Happy 1400 episode!! I honestly can’t believe how far you both have come! It’s almost been six years since the first GMM and i’m absolutely so grateful and proud to be a part of this amazing and loyal community! As a loyal Mythical Beast I know that I can always count on you both and the show to make me smile and laugh. Thank you so much! Keep up the fantastic work!!

  7. Dillon M says:

    “Put your peepee thingy away” – Rhett 2018

  8. BopoH Bopoh says:

    I always enjoy Josh and what he creates. I also love how he is a cat man. Peerrrfeeccttt!

  9. Pakislav says:

    Disappointed you didn’t try the actual marsh mellow, the sweet foam produced by certain plants in marshes, the actual OG marshmellow.

  10. Mikayla Hall says:

    Link DOES say smell of that

  11. Wolf-Man Phantom says:

    Josh reminds me of Randall from clerks. Kinda sounds like him too.

  12. Thnks Mn says:

    Josh is a very Mythical chef.

  13. Thnks Mn says:

    Link, you clearly say “smello that” at 3:51 if you were still wondering from the podcast. 😄

  14. Jessica Ross says:

    Awesome 1400 episodes guys.
    Can’t wait for Josh’s ‘1001 recipes you can do with your coworkers pee’ recipe book.
    Seriously brave chef!

  15. Rosie May says:

    Anyone else think Josh is one of the best crew members? Love when he’s on the show.

    • AllahGineshi says:

      I used to dislike him at first because I thought he tried a bit too hard to be funny on camera but he’s really become more comfortable on screen in the last 6 months or so & now I really enjoy when he comes on, always interesting to see him talking about his creations

  16. crew carver says:

    do behind the scenes showing josh cooking

  17. ZOD4 says:

    Josh is a way more interesting guest than the marshmallow guy.

  18. balamb25 says:

    Congrats on the 1400 guys! I haven’t been here for all of them but I’m glad I’m here now!

  19. Sumayya Amos says:

    Josh is revealing his sense of humor more and more with each appearance and I am in full support of it hahaha

  20. Doug JB says:

    I think a Dr. Pepper marshmallow would taste good.

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