Najee Harris’ First NFL Touch | 2021 NFL Game Highlights

Najee Harris’ First NFL Touch | 2021 NFL Game Highlights

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46 Responses

  1. dec1778 says:


  2. C-Gal says:

    Glad that football is back!

  3. Sean DeVylder says:

    I like the part where he scores a touchdown

  4. Sports311 says:

    Let’s see if this Steelers’ offensive line can create holes for Harris to attack this season

    • POP345 says:

      @Big HerboYT You are crazy we don’t have the best O-line in football.

    • Andrew Grove says:

      @Taaj Barnett Cleveland sucks!!

    • Devaun Reed says:

      @Taaj Barnett Cleveland is trash shouldn’t have even made it to the playoffs if we hadn’t have lost to them by an inch week 17 and week 3 or 4 they got blown out lol our team is a super bowl contending team they pretty much locked the cowboys down held them to only 3 points plus our run game looked more pleasant than last season if we can win our games we definitely can win the super bowl this season I promise you

    • KCC says:

      @Devaun Reed your reasoning for your team being super bowl contending is beating the cowboys is a preseason game 💀 😂

  5. Jack Robertson says:

    Idc if it is the preseason, this makes me smile

    • Trumper2024 says:

      @Tomi O all I said was that basketball is better. That wasn’t complaining. My God you ppl are stupid

    • POP345 says:

      only real NFL fans enjoy the preseason, i mean, i really enjoyed this game.

    • mikeandmars2345 says:

      💯💯💯 me to

    • Recks says:

      @Trumper2024 bro I’m a saints fan. We are the most unluckiest team in the NFL and we even know tut ain’t rigged. Shut yo ass up. I’m not arguing with you, your team won a Champ in basketball. So you get more interested in who’s better. But football is on top and I like basketball

    • Trumper2024 says:

      @Recks come shut me up. Bet you won’t

  6. Jxwx 21 says:

    It’s gonna be an amazing year good luck to everyone and their favorite NFL teams

  7. Jarvase dundy says:

    So happy football is back. There will be a game every Sunday for the next 6 months NFL/college.

  8. CrmsnTyde 4ever says:

    Congrats to you Steelers fans on getting Najee Harris…Yall will absolutely love this kid…Hard working and refuses to lose…He is the total package and he will make you guys very proud.

  9. TayK 47 says:

    Najee the only reason I’m cheering for the Steelers tonight

  10. ツxɘuɿxS says:

    Love football season. I missed hearing QB Cadences but they’re back now

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