Name Reveal For Baby Funk!

Name Reveal For Baby Funk!

Revealing the name of baby Funk!
#FunkFamily #TheFunks @Rydel Funk @Capron Funk

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23 Responses

  1. Ali H says:

    Rydel is kind and happy, and Capron is strong and funny. There son will be the best person ever.

  2. Lucy Smith says:

    Still can’t get over how good Rydel looks after everything she’s been through

  3. MeenyF 28 says:

    It would be so funny calling him by his full name like SUPER CAPRON FUNK COME HERE NOW!

  4. Dameria Homan says:

    i thought it was kinda weird for a sec and thought it was a joke and then he yawned and i was like that was SUPER cute
    i bet they finna call their first daughter ‘stormie’ 😉

  5. Leanne Wentling says:

    He has Rydel’s cheeks. I also loved the flash back. I cried so hard!!

  6. Tiedye08 says:

    Are we gonna get a video of ur family’s reaction to seeing him for the first time? 🤍

  7. Thekidnorris says:


  8. Erika Felix says:

    Capron and Rydel are greatest parents a kid could ask for

  9. Josie Klein says:

    I would love them to have a shirt that says “when you name your kid and adverb”

  10. Crazy MissPookoo says:

    I’m already imagining Super introducing himself to his classmates. “Hi, my name’s Super Funk!”
    Literally sounds like he’s about to fight crime, I love it 🥰

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