Nano-Impressions with Ross Marquand

Nano-Impressions with Ross Marquand

Impression master Ross Marquand nails the tiny moments of A-list actors, including Antonio Banderas forgetting his password, Harrison Ford losing a sneeze, and Brad Pitt forgetting what he was about to say. Full list of impressions below:

Justin Timberlake thinks a wave is for him
Al Pacino misses a straw with his mouth
George Clooney tries to get a word in
Antonio Banderas forgets his password
Kevin Spacey walks into the wrong table read
Jason Statham gets a charlie horse
Harrison Ford loses a sneeze
Michael Caine tries to open a jar for someone
James Gandolfini tries to get a hair out of his mouth
Christian Bale tries to decline a call and accidentally answers
Matthew McConaughey applies the 5 second rule
Liam Neeson deals with an automated voice system
Aaron Paul recognizes a smell
Brad Pitt forgets what he’s about to say
Marlon Brando describes gravity
John C Reilly uses a word he’s 70% sure what it means
Christopher Walken realizes he’s on the jumbotron

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Nano-Impressions with Ross Marquand

Starring: Ross Marquand
Director: Jared Lapidus

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19 Responses

  1. Emily Mack says:

    wow he’s really good!!! I wanna see him do more things than just the
    walking dead although Aaron’s great!!!

  2. Duarte Massa says:

    magical indeed.

  3. AsKaGangsta says:

    SPOT ON!

  4. Angela Belcamino says:

    anyone else feel like they were to short to even decide whether or not they
    were good impressions?

  5. Lex Python says:


  6. Huscareful says:

    No one should ever do a full impression again. Ever!

  7. plstwd says:

    loved meeting Ross!

  8. Espience Films says:

    That Kevin Spacey one though….

  9. Rose Anna says:

    I don’t know who this guy is but he’s good. I also want to get in his pants

  10. timtheslimjim2000 says:

    All good but the one no one calls out is that George Clooney. Perfect

  11. Nick says:

    Well done.

  12. DrakeMagnum says:

    This made me so happy. Good form.

  13. LetsNeverPlayAgain says:

    Wow holy shit, that attack of allcaps annotations flooding all over the
    screen telling me to click on shit to look at porn?

    The fuck is the matter with you, OP?

    Instant dislike

  14. Alex Endr says:

    Damn that was Tony Soprano on the button well done sir I am truly impressed

  15. NemRaps says:

    This dude is AWESOME!

  16. Marlord Music says:

    @1:58 Give me the pussy b0ss

  17. JazzKeyboardist1 says:

    I Don’t do impressions. I’m a psychiatrist ?

  18. rholt370 says:

    All of these were amazing except walken.

  19. Nik Gambardella says:

    Aaron :D