Nantes vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | UEL Play-off 2nd Leg | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

Nantes vs. Juventus: Extended Highlights | UEL Play-off 2nd Leg | CBS Sports Golazo – Europe

A hard earned away draw sees Nantes return home to France with the opportunity to take down one of the most renowned clubs in Italy, Juventus.

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16 Responses

  1. Binyam Ephrem says:

    From the Puskas worthy goal, to the hat trick, to the incredible chances taken and generated, Di Maria played a perfect game. Big Game Angel never fails. That keeper Lafont had some crazy saves though.

  2. timerwentoff says:

    That goal from Di Maria.
    First touch, curl, goalkeeper frozen, no chance.
    Out of this world.

  3. Swaggy Huhzues says:

    What a masterclass from Di Maria but we can’t ignore Lafonts performance. It could have easily been 7-8 goals if it wasn’t for him . Definitely needs to make a move to the big leagues .

  4. Ah H says:

    Di Maria still one of the best wingers playing now

  5. Justin Chundakkattil says:

    what a frickin’ goal 😱😱. Magician Angel!!!

  6. Statue Collecting says:

    Di Maria is beloved by us Argentinian, he has scored in every single major Final for Argentina he has been in and won them all!!! We care deeply about him and Juventus should appreciate him because he is one of the greatest players every to grace the field. He has given Argentina victories in Youth World Cup Final, Olympic Gold Final, Copa America Final (In Brazil against Brazil), Finalissima Final, World Cup 2022 Final basically scored in every single Final and thanks to him we left as CHAMPIONS. He has done so much for our beloved team that he deserves admiration for his efforts. If you give him the chance and surround him with the right team with the right coach he is unstoppable. Damn shame he didn’t get the love he deserved by the rival teams fan, usually when they see beautiful football they realize it and applaud it but you can see how bitter they were at losing.

  7. beebee_01 says:

    How many times have we seen Di Maria score from that same position as his first goal… A well deserved hat trick for the guardian Angel!

  8. David Gonzalez says:

    Wait wait wait!!! Did di Maria just score one of the most crazy goals ever?!?!? WTF who does he think he is Roberto Carlos?!?! My goodness that is a masterpiece brilliant 👏👏

  9. Kryptic517 says:

    Lafont is insane! He kept this game from being an absolute thrashing

  10. Evan L says:

    that first goal is one of the most beautiful goals you’ll ever see. truly world-class. Di Maria is one of the most underrated players of his generation.

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